• Quickies – October 19, 2006

    October 19th, 2006HARTQuickies

    It was our 1-Year Anniversary This Week

    * Here’s our post from October 16, 2005 starting this network .. in my attempt to pool resources and cross link posts and blogs and hopefully get some more traffic.
    * Besides just promoting new sites in the network (which has been far and few in between) .. I have started to post period stuff like these “Quickies” posts and my new “Designs That I Like” .. and will keep trying to think of something to keep this site going 🙂

    We’re Not The Only Network of Blogs Having Anniversaries

    * Oct 21, 2006 – Syntagma Media
    * Oct 6, 2006 – InstaBlogs
    * Sept 15, 2006 – Blue Fish Network

    And Guess Who Else Is Having Their 1-Year Anniversary?

    * Successful-Blog And There’s A Contest Too:
    Writing Project: The Successful-Blog 25-Word Birthday Challenge

    Liz “ME” Strauss writes …

    25 Words — It’s Harder than It Looks

    Tuesday, October 24th is one-year since I wrote Who’s ME Strauss and What’s She Doing Here? That was my very first post at Successful-Blog. This post is somewhere over number 1000. A lot has happened between then and now.

    Now it’s your turn. I’m having a contest — a challenge really — to see what happens when folks, great writer/bloggers like you, try to describe Successful-Blog in a few words. Here it is.

    The Successful-Blog 25-Word Birthday Challenge: Define Successful Blog in 25 words max. That’s 24 PLUS One — in keeping with the plus one tradition that’s been part of this blog for so long.

    …All entries will be posted on Monday, October 23rd. The winners will be announced Tuesday Night, October 24th, at Open Comments Night. Next week the theme will be: We’re Having a Blow-Out Birthday Party!

    You can see the Rules and Regulations by clicking on the above link .. in case you wanted to check it out and make an entry.

    Liz described her blog 1-year ago in 33 words …

    Successful Blog is the place where all kinds of bloggers meet to share their successes and swap strategies. The content is organized, thorough, and relevant. The conversation is fun, fast, and sometimes irreverent.

    In attempting to try to describe Successful Blog in 25 words or less .. I came up with two quick poems .. one is 12 words, and the other is 31 words. I’m not making an official entry into the contest, but I thought it would be fun to just post them here anyway.

    HART’s Hypothetical Entry #1 – HAIKU FORMAT

    The Successful-Blog
    Your Host Is Always Friendly
    Come! Join The Party

    HART’s Hypothetical Entry #2 – LIMERICK FORMAT

    Bloglines has all of my feeds
    I use it to track all my needs
    But If you’ve got a business
    You too can witness
    Why Liz is on my Daily Reads!

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