• Quickies – October 18, 2006

    October 18th, 2006HARTQuickies

    I wasn’t going to post this, however I saw several instances out there on the internet about this issue .. so I have decided to do post it anyway..

    I received an email today .. from Jordan Keezell of the Blog To Profit site..


    I found your blog, and am interested in sponsoring some posts on your blog on behalf of our advertisers. I read the post about “Designs out there that I like” and enjoyed your writing. We have 5 different sponsors that are interested in sponsoring posts on your blog. BlogtoProfit is a company that connects blogs with advertisers who are interested in blog advertising.

    We would like to sponsor 5 posts on your blog. Upon completion, we would like to continue to sponsor your blog!
    1) Please notify me which of the categories below are agreeable to you.
    • Plastic surgery
    • Restaurants
    • Gyms
    • Tattoos
    • Auctions
    • Real estate
    • Web
    • Fashion
    • Cars
    • Dogs

    2) Sign-up at www.blogtoprofit.com

    3) Provide your paypal so we may send you payments

    Here’s a great example of a blog post with a sponsor link included:

    To receive an informative process and guideline document simply click this link. www.blogtoprofit.com/files/BlogtoProfit-Process-&-Guidelines.pdf

    To get started making money immediately, please reply to this email. Also, please let me know if you have any further questions. We look forward to sponsoring your blog!

    Website: www.blogtoprofit.com

    My response was simple … because I have seen this type of email before and just didn’t want to get involved and be polite.


    Thank-you for your interest in sponsoring some posts on our blog. You may sponsor our blog through Text-Link-Ads at the following URL.


    Take care

    I received a speedy reply back him …


    We are a separate program then Text-Link-Ads. We pay you on a per post basis. We are independent of Text-Link-Ads and have no relation what-so-ever! I think you guys are great candidates for our program and please email me back so we can this further. When you ready to start making $5-$10 per post, just sign up at BlogtoProfit.com and we’ll get you going on the trial period! Talk to you soon.

    Media Buyer
    Jordan Keezell

    The reason I am posting this is for two reasons:

    1) The initial incoming email was NOT unique. I have seen posts around in my bloglines about this, and in fact, many others are receiving the EXACT SAME email from this person … like HERE .. they are also going around signing guestbook entries and comments like HERE and HERE

    2) My second reason I posted this, is because although I am not really against it …I’m just not interested. There is a lot of discussion in recent days on this topic .. and in fact, just the other day I have posted my comments and thoughts on this matter over at Problogger ..

    I do not want to be one of those hypocrits out there to suggest at all that this is a bad concept or evil – because it’s not. Bloggers want to earn money to help defray costs and earn a passive income, and even some hope to make it into a full-time job occupation. All my own blogs are monetized, and I’m selling real estate in the form of advertising space. I hope that together, as a group, I will be earning enough passive income to support a nice vacation once a year – in addition to my hosting and domain registration fees .. and have fun while I’m doing that!

    Enough said.

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