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    October 18th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    This one is different, that’s for sure. But is it? On most of my sites .. I am using the “Evermore” wordpress plugin. Basically, I use this because I am sick and tired of people ‘baiting’ me to read “The Rest Of The Story” and click my mouse again. With the evermore, what it does is convert every post automatically to pause at a standard interval of text (I use 2 paragraphs or 250 words) . This way, on my front page all the reader has to do is scan down the page and read excerpts or part of the beginning of the articles and then can decide if they want to read more.

    I know that my mosts are never the same length. Sometimes I have short posts, some are long, some are picture overload, some have videos .. My father has a seeing problem and it’s hard for some to be able to grab the side scroll bar, if your pages scrolls down to infinity – because basically that scroll bar slider gets smaller and smaller.

    By the way .. although the mono-color red might seem too .. celebrity-type-ish’us .. if you were to have nicer color blending and maybe a small square logo in the top left corner .. well .. maybe even John at SyntagmaMedia might even consider this type of format for his magazine.

    Let’s face it – isn’t it nice to just see all of the titles in one screen view and pick your magazine article to read? “jump to page 13!” .. I can see myself using this design.

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