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    October 18th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    When I see this site, I wonder if it’s possible to convert something like this in an automated “sweet-HART” post. The site almost looks like 5 columns sometimes, but it’s 3 columns.

    In February 2006 I participated as a co-contributor/writer for the Light The Torch blog watching the Olympics (mostly for the curling schedule). At that time, Aaron Brazell came up with a unique way to associate each co-contributor/writer with a basic flag of their host country directly in the post. I liked that idea.

    In this Tail Rank blog, all the little referenced blogs have icon pictures of the blog itself. I think that is neat someway. When I have been posting information that relates to any member site ..I include a category with the post, so you can see all of the posts (for instance) of all talked about “The-Singers.com“. Seeing a visual icon on each post would be nice.

    A lot of the writers and bloggers I know and read on a daily basis also have these little ‘series’ of blog posts .. and often create their own graphic and place it in the sidebar. If I had a little graphic of every site inside the post .. it would make this site more visual .. than just having text all of the time.

    I dunno .. that is what I was thinking anyway .. I’ve seen other better examples – but, can’t think of the name or URL except this one.

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