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    October 17th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    This is what I have been getting at .. making the top navigation more like a book .. and each page is either another site or chapter in it (except for maybe the affiliates menu) .. and only one of them is the site’s blog! This is a website .. Not a Blog site.

    I’ve had a few clients come up to me and ask me personally if they should be blogging for their business .. because they’ve read somewhere by ‘marketers’ they should. My own view is that unless the president and owner is blogging about his vision and the company .. I would NOT recommend it. That’s related to the clients and industries that I’m currently involved with. You don’t want your staff to become addicted to blogging!

    However .. blogging software is the future and the now – and there are many ways to have blogs as your website and still have a great website and promote a company’s product or services. If businesses look at blogging software for what it is – content management software – and realize the benefits – they do not need a webmaster anymore .. it can help.

    But, I’ve been a fan of this site’s design for a while – it’s clean, I like the colors, easy to navigate. But I like the fact that this is a website – of a bunch of websites and sections .. not a bunch of posts in a blog. It’s something that to keep in mind, like I was saying yesterday when I posted the sugar site menu idea that I like.

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