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    October 15th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    I am planning for a complete makeover in early 2007 and before I figure out what I really want .. I thought I would just start documenting blog sites out there that I really really LIKE and blog sites out there that I really really HATE .. This way, I can come back and look at them all and maybe try to come up with something really cool!

    In the meantime, making this a regular section in here will help me treat this as an “impulse” posting .. that is .. if something catches my eye immediately (good or bad) I’ll just toss a screen image up in here and post my own personal comments about it.

    I first would like to say that this is no way any attempt to put down any designs or designers out there … (look at all my sites in the HART-Empire Network using free templates) .. and nor do I want to become any designer’s groupie or advocate … I read somewhere that “Content is King” but I keep reading everywhere else “Image is Everything” or something like that!

    I’ve been thinking of either creating my own template design or commission one free template out for the community. We’ll see!

    I thought I would start off with one of the first designs out there that I LIKE …


    If you notice at the bottom of the previous design site that I hate .. or any WEBLOGS site .. they have something really cool with their network feed. What’s cool about it is .. that it not only lists all of the sites .. it pulls the latest feeds. There are only so many ways you can do this, without basically copying them and this idea. But, in a small way it’s been holding me back from outright promoting new membership into this network … As more and more sites come into the network sidebar .. it will add up and overwhelm eventually. Even b5media has over 130 sites in their sidebar and it gets cumbersome. I hope our little green color adds a bit and makes it more noticeable.

    Anyway, Targana has many useful plugins that I am using, and this is only a test site and not a “real” site – I think .. but I was thinking when I saw this that – YES – making the bottom section of the blog into a network recap can still work .. and I don’t think it matters how similar it is. Also, I should note that I just don’t think that changing a 2-column into a 3-column makes it okay .. it’s just a box of your sites in a table format listed neatly on your own site! Nothing wrong with that in my humble opinion. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the other ways that are popping out there on the www … where you page down under the fold and the footer is like a mini blog of useful information or flickr pictures.

    The new guys at College-Startup has come up with something close that has caught my eye in this matter .. and I’m still keeping my eye on it – and on their offer and possible alternatives. Check out the examples of sites they list in that entry .. like THIS one. I can see that as a nice footer for a network blog.

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