• Quickies – October 12, 2006

    October 12th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Missed it … by ~THAT~ much!

    Aaargh ..

    I had a great idea for a blog and domain name … so I opened my Chuga domain service .. and started to think of new domain names .. to see if they were taken.

    Most of them were already registered to other people … but – one caught my eye .. yes indeed.

    You see, I was surfing early this morning and came across the following URL in my travels … Baby Boomers Fastest Growing Startup Group in Canada. I thought of an idea for a blog and (what I thought) a really good domain name for the blog!

    Anyway, for the domain names that were taken .. I performed a WHOIS on it – and discovered that MY IDEA THAT I HAD TODAY … was registered a while ago, on September 26, 2006!

    But that’s not what caught my eye … It was the person who registered this domain that caught my eye.

    Why? Because. Thanks to Domain Tools and reverse IP .. I was able to see that a bunch of blogs were registered September 26, 2006 and also, a bunch of blogs were registered much earlier than that. I found it interesting that the ones created earlier did not appear in any sidebars, and I started surfing.

    It started out purely as an accidental discovery, mind you – but somehow once I got involved in my online “Whois” quest .. I felt privileged, in a weird sort of way, that since I was able to find information .. I was obligated to find out ALL the information. Not that it matters .. because it doesn’t .. but it was fun to continue 🙂

    After more surfing time .. I just decided that since I only thought that there was only four good names were created (two regional, one gaming and that one business idea) .. I will use that number as a guideline, and register four more myself!

    HECK! .. That was a great tool at Domain Tools!

    So I was thinking … I still had at least $36 USD in my paypal account … I wasn’t going to stop guessing names and thinking of new blogs and domains until I register FOUR new sites. And yes I did – I registerer four new domains … three of them are parked for now, but I installed one blog this morning … THE FURNITURE SITE .. It’s part of my new “Shopping-Site-Series” of blogs … where MEDIEVAL SITE is also part of this series.

    And Speaking Of My Network Of Blogs …

    I’ve mentioned before that I don’t consider HART-Empire Network to be an official “Blog Network” (like ones in the news and blogosphere) .. but I do consider that we have a nice “Network of Blogs” together in our sidebars.

    John at SyntagmaMedia wrote about a Multitude of Magazines .. I really don’t know what all the fuss is because, we’re all doing it out here – except some call them “Channels” .. or me? I call them:

    * The Battling-Series of Blogs
    * The LVR-Series of Blogs
    * The Shopping-Site-Series of Blogs

    For the immediate and Fall 2006 projects … I’m hoping for two more obvious and completge “Series of Blogs” in our sidebars

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