• Quickies – October 10, 2006

    October 10th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Google Adwords

    Now THAT’s funny … (this entry on the InsideAdwordsBlog) ..

    It’s funny, because after I recently purchased the RSS Submit software .. I had extra money in my paypal account // let me correct that statement – REMNANTS of money in my paypal account .. // I decided to start a campaign for one of my pet related blogs. Now, if you didn’t know – pet keywords pays the worse in google adsense – yet it seems that you can’t buy the same cheap ads that it pays us publishers. For instance .. last month, my average click earned me about $0.13 per click (I can’t tell you how much or how many clicks or CTR etc) .. but I figured because I’m oblivious to the way it is calculated – I just assume that’s half or less.

    So, I created a campaign with a maximum click of $0.26 with a maximum $5.00 per day. I set up about 50 keyword phrases, thanks to copy/paste … and activated the campaign. Almost immediately, I was curious and logged back in my adwords account – and I was already charged $1.98. It seems that only one keyword was being clicked – at $0.26 .. but it was not really the keyword that I hope that was to be clicked. So, I went in to cancel it – and then I noticed that every other one of my 49 keyword phrases were on hold – and not activated – because I did not have enough maximum click rate setup. Google Adwords wanted me to increase all those phrases to at least $0.55.

    I just stopped the campaign at $1.98 cost to me, and deleted the entire campaign. It’s not for me. And, that’s why I thought that post was funny.

    And, speaking of Google

    I guess you all heard the NEWS ..

    Following Monday’s announcement, Google shares increased by 2.1 per cent to $429.57 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

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