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    October 4th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    I am again, along with my sites, at the mercy of downtime by my host service provider .. but this time it is all planned.

    Dear Client,

    As you may be aware, we had recently experienced a faulty drive on the particular server in which your site is hosted on. While this issue has already been considerably repaired, we would still like to take further measures to ensure that an issue like this does not reoccur in the future.

    As a result, we will be scheduling immediate server maintenance for this server. The downtime will be kept minimal and as best we can within non-peak hours. We feel that this maintenance is required to ensure that this server runs with optimal performance and reliability.

    There will be two downtimes involved with this process.

    The first downtime is as follows:

    DATE: October 4th
    MAINTENANCE WINDOW: 11:00pm – 5:00am
    DOWNTIME: 10-20 minutes
    REASON: We will be installing an additional backup drive to this server to allow for the full and complete backup of the server\’s data. This is in preparation for the following night. The actual backup process will occur throughing the night and morning. The backup process will not cause downtime, however, slight performance degredation may result due to the large amount of data being copied.

    The second downtime is as follows:

    DATE: October 5th
    MAINTENANCE WINDOW: 11:00pm – 8:00am
    DOWNTIME: Approximately 7 hours. This is a rough estimate and may change.
    REASON: We will be bringing this server down and replacing ALL hard drives in this server. After this, we will be reloading the OS. This will account for roughly 1 hour of this downtime. After the server has been reloaded, we will be copying the data from the backup drives back onto the server. The drive copy will account for the remainder of the downtime.


    Please note that absolutely no data will be lost as a result of this transfer. We are taking great care to retain 100% user data in this transfer. When maintenance is completed, your website should be precisely as it had been prior to the maintenance start. However, to ensure no site changes are lost, it is advised that you do not make changes to your website after 11:00pm on October 4th. Changes made after that time may not be present in our backup.

    So … slow posting, possible downtimes .. nothing really new, eh?

    Sorry for any inconveniences! (In Advance)

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