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  • Someone else below asked this already about antyspam sripts.
    I am getting nailed with Spam on my website mails and in our blog website – now ist offline too

    much spam. Is there anyway to stop this? If not, there really isn’t any point in leaving it up

    and active. Any help will be greatly appreciated. www.profesjonalna-reklama.pl

    Thanks for help, Keep up the good work. Greetings from Poland

  • For my blogs I use both Akismet and Spam Killer 2 plugins on all my blogs. Is your site a blog?

    You can try sites like SPAM POISON and other anti-spam sites like this (I linked to the polish version)

    On your Kontakt page I would recommend to stop placing your email on the site and create either a graphic that displays the email address or, something like:

    bok (at) profesjonalna-reklama (dot) pl
    >> as a text description,
    >> as your mailto: link

    Some ISP’s also allow a mass generic email address so anything @Domain.url will get through. On one server of mine I had to ask them to show me how to disable that. On the other server, they don’t do that anyway.

    My wife was getting a lot of spam (not as much as me) and as an experiment, I deleted every email account for 45 days and recreated the same email addresses and spam dropped to about 15% of that before.

    Or – you can just create new emails and start over.. instead of bok@ .. maybe info@ or sales@ or webmaster@ or even bok1@ bok2@ etc.

    These are only things I can think of… I’m sure there is more solutions out there – spam is a global problem.

  • Afterthought …

    You don’t even need to include your email address on your contact/kontakt pages .. instead you can just use a script where people people just fill in the details and the script emails you directly, not the individual.

    I use both the contact form (see above top menu) and the display (at) (dot) com method. And, yes I still get spam but my email filters and Spamnix in Eudora plugin practically labels about 95% of it accurately.

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