• Problem Solved .. Sites back up and running now

    September 15th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    I post this message on all those five affected blogs this afternoon …

    TITLE: Server Glitch?

    My apologies ..

    Five of my sites were down since yesterday .. although some of the RSS Feeds were still working, and I’ve been getting comment spam .. most have not been able to view the site. I believe it was a “Permissions” issue, as a result of some migration of my account to new host servers.. But, I’ll never know for sure – because I’m not asking .. I’m just glad we’re back online! WooHoo!

    Sorry for any inconvenience!!

    Take care.

    Truth in the matter is .. I know exactly what happened.

    When I renewed my plan with my first host service provider, the deal actually gave me more space and more options and a cheaper price. The reduced plan, however, resulted in me being taken off a dedicated server and I can only suppose .. now on a shared server. That’s okay, with all the new technology in hard drive space .. I think since the upgrade my sites have been working faster! At least, when I make changes and modifications to the template .. there was a delay for a few minutes before the changes took place – now there’s no delay.

    Well, the plan took place July 18th or something like that .. but yesterday they moved my files over finally to the new servers.

    The unofficial reason why all my sites were down … (listed on the previous posting) is as follows…

    The ownership of some of the files on the new server needed to be modifiedo to fall in line with the new version of apache


    If your site starts giving you a blank page .. WAIT before playing with permissions .. and just ask if your host / service provider upgraded their APACHE software lately.

    It could be the answer! / Just a thought.

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