• Quickies – September 12, 2006

    September 12th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * D’oh! Sunday night after writing the previous “quickie” about me having network problems .. see Quickies – September 10, 2006
    .. I suddenly realized what the problem was, and why it wasn’t working .. and fixed it. I thought I would just add it here, in case of other people having similar problems find themselves in the same situation…

    IF YOU ARE USING ZONE ALARM … Check your FIREWALL tab .. and then the ZONE … it should say “TRUSTED” .. not “INTERNET” … No wonder I was only getting access to the shared DSL connection … one of of the computers .. that zone was switched to “Internet” instead of “Trusted” ..

    Problem solved.

    * My protege started today … and we’re working on a few new projects that should be up and running by the end of this month. It started with some lessons in basic protocols of blogging (as I’ve picked up and learned over the last 15-1/2 months of blogging). It’s interesting to pass along some information and the other person retains and utilizes it .. If I were smart I’d probably jot it down somewhere so I can pass along this knowledge or repeat it on another blog in a text format, or even in E-Book format .. Hmmm.. I’m too much of a multi-tasker as it is. Already I see I was going to fast trying to teach everything you need to know in one day. Good news though .. we’ve registered several new domains today and setup a few new blogs and working on some of the concepts behind the scenes with a fresh pot of coffee.

    * ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA .. // took a break tonight to watch Big Brother All-Stars Final and Rock Star Supernova // wouldn’t it be cool if ANOTHER CANADIAN won the 2nd one too? 😀 My wife and I voted about 20 times each tonight. Good Luck LUKAS! Although, right from the first performance .. I really thought MAGNI was the perfect choice for the band.

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