• Quickies – September 10, 2006

    September 10th, 2006HARTQuickies

    This will be an irregular feature here … posting some periodic thoughts about our network blogs in general, or specific .. and thoughts about blogging and stuff seen around the blogosphere


    * I wish our network code was in the sidebar of all the blogs in our network code .. and that reminds me .. there’s a bunch of new blogs to be added to the code itself. If all the sites have the proper code, anybody can click the SiteMeter stats graphic in the network code itself to see how we are doing .. uniques, page views, etc ..

    * I probably spent waaaaay too much time on the directory listing at 62-151 Media Group and let the public decide the categories .. but – heck – it’s my directory … have to respect both options. I think I set-up all of our network blogs in related categories as in our sidebar, and delete the rest .. and see if the public recreates or no

    * Wow. Do I suck at FORUM maintenance. On my PetLvr forum I had over 250 spam guest comments, and on the Battling Forums it was even worse. I’ve had this “MOD” toolkit that can ban and delete users etc .. but it was only this week that I finally figured out a better way to stop this comment spam in the forums .. so far so good! I’ve still got about 160 Battling Spam comments left to delete as at Saturday Midnite.

    * PS: This is how I hopefully will be stopping the comment spam in my phpBB forums … (1) no Guest posts and (2) activation of membership by valid email. Got a forum and have no clue what that means or how to do that? Drop me a line and I’ll tell ya.

    * I have commissioned somebody to develop and create a new logo for the PetLvr blog and if possible, can be modified with the other “LVR” blog series of blogs and make them all seem like a theme … Should be interesting! And, depending on the logo .. could be a new design version #4.0 be in the works for the PetLvr blog? I may be switching presentation themes for 15 minutes at a time during random hours of the day looking. Ditto on the background.

    * Next week I will have a new ‘person’ here at HART-Empire Network assisting me in the development and marketing of a few new projects and blogs … and hopefully blogging on the ones that I’ve been slack on!

    * I am in recouping mode. The summer of 2006 was the worst summer for me personally for managing my time. Sadly, it had a high cost that we now have a cottage to go to … the passing of my wife’s mother. Happily, we had a great time out there and enjoyed it to the max! Unfortunately, taking off 3-4 days off per week plus a 14 day holiday to a place without internet access has .. well, I’ll have to write about it soon in the 1800HART blog.

    * I must have spent about 6 hours this week trying to get my two computers networked properly. Maybe someone can help me? My DELL (XP) has broadband DSL … My COMPAQ shares this internet connection. I can’t see either hard drives anymore from the other .. Once I was able to. Now I cannot – and the more times I keep trying to “fix” this problem the more times I think I am making a bigger hole to jump in. Then, I get back to the beginning where I can just share the internet connection. I need to copy files from my DELL to my COMPAQ and vice versa for safety backups! Plus .. with this new person starting Monday on the Compaq .. I have to transfer over some installation .zip files and programs to aid in the blogging and site preparation and developments etc.

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