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    August 24th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    I posted the following at The-Singers.com

    I’m looking for BANDS, PROMOTERS, REVIEWERS, and ANY MUSIC RELATED SITE that offers subscriptions via email … to provide me and this blog with periodic content updates via email.

    This could be …

    * news of up and coming concert dates ..
    * reviews of bands and their music
    * interest stories about the music industry and people in it
    * I’m open to suggests for other stuff ..

    What I am looking for is something like this …

    * Bands, promoters, and webmasters would be able to email this blog directly to post articles, reviews and other music related content immediately
    * I would like to find ezines articles that is music related .. the email address would be directly to this blog and get posted immediately
    * Royalty free (i.e. I do not want to pay for any services to receive the content) – content becomes content of this blog but can contain as many links to as many blogs, sites, affiliate products, or to sites that you want to promote (email receipts of content, generally will not be modified). The public will be seeing the content, RSS feeds will be available, and there is monetization on this blog.

    I hope that was obvious … even if you are a local band and send out a monthly newsletter .. I hope you consider the above.

    If you are interested .. drop me a line .. to:
    hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

    with the subject line:
    The-Singers.com / Sign Me Up!

    And I will provide you with the special email address to use.

    Take care
    HART (1-800-HART)

    PS: the-singers.com is currently a PR6 ,, if that matters ,, although as you know – that can always change.

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