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    August 12th, 2006HARTHART

    I just happened to purge all my 8000+ unread articles in my bloglines account of 1298 feeds after I came back from vacation August 5, 2006. I have about 1000 articles that I have been saving and ticking the right corner box called “KEEP NEW” for future posting and thoughts and links for my own blog articles around the HART-Empire Network… imagine my surprise when THERE WEREN’T BEING KEPT ANYMORE!

    Crap! Yes they look like they are there .. there are numbers next to the feeds show saved feed count .. but, none of them are accessible.

    I emailed Bloglines on August 7, 2006 and let them know, and they claimed that they were already aware of this issue and suggested that I watch their news site for an announcement.

    Well, August 11, 2006 – they posted an announcement .. .. that it’s still not fixed.

    Working to Make Things Better

    Bloglines recently experienced software difficulties that affect a small number of members who use some of our advanced features. For example, you may have saved some articles by clicking on “Keep as New” and found that it doesn’t link back to the saved posts. We have isolated the issue in a system that manages the data for Bloglines blogs and clippings (resulting in the interruption of those features as well for a few users) and our engineers are working to resolve this problem.

    We sincerely apologize for the disruption and we’re working to make things right. We know how important these personalization features are to Bloglines fans (we all love them, too), and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

    – The Bloglines Team

    Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:01:23 PDT

    So .. I wait … as PetLvr.com blog slows down … from all the great articles that I have been accumulating.

    But .. the wait has helped me speed up the process of getting 2 of my 3 new sites up early … I will give a formal announcement during the week, once all the template format and blog stuff and coding and ads and feedburner and blah blah stuff has been finalized.

    Meanwhile .. here they are if you are curious. The content is still in the development stage.

    AndYouRetire.com – AND YOU RETIRE … Are You Ready?

    HART-oscope.com – HART-OSCOPE … Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering what my day will be like

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