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    July 18th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    My “host service provider #1” had offered me a deal to keep me as a customer and I accepted .. for this upcoming year.

    I was in the process of moving 100% from my Blacksun.ca (host service provider #1) mega account to my Ace-Host.net (host service provider #2) reseller account yesterday morning … because I feel that Blacksun.ca screwed me royally last year – in an an attempt to recoup monies made from a ‘bad deal’ one of their sales rep made with me.

    What happened, is that two years ago .. I had many accounts with them and a sales rep negotiated a way to increase the size and bandwidth by consolidating all accounts into a mega-site (my PetLvr.com site). Immediately after, they fired that sales rep and squeezed more money out of me to accomodate my extra domain pointers and domain aliases that I needed. Last year, when it came time for renewal – I honestly thought that I would just pay what I did the previous year .. (the initial and the bump-up) – but instead, they held me hostage and forced me to pay almost double the price.

    Since last summer, I’ve been preparing for this day all along and currently also have a Reseller Pro Account. My plan was to downsize all but the main PetLvr.com site (I thought it would be useful to keep at least one account with the Canadian Service Provider) .. but when they shut off my accounts this past weekend July 16th .. changing my July 29th renewal date to July 15th .. and didn’t tell me – I was prepared to move everything.

    And, I have been backing up everything since Monday morning. I have moved one account so far .. callHART.com/crazy .. when they have come up with a new deal.

    My old deal was their “Vortex” plan … about 1.5 GIG webspace, 5 domain pointers, 3 domain aliases, 10 GIG bandwidth per month .. and most of the other goodies .. for $960 CDN per year plus GST.

    They have restructured their plans, and I am now downsized to the “Nova” plan .. which gives me 3.5 GIG webspace and 15 GIG bandwidth per month .. plus all the goodies … for $360 CDN per year plus GST.

    What the ‘deal’ was to keep me was this add-on called their “Blue Quartz Upgrade” for $75 CDN plus GST .. which, as I understood it, now allows me to have unlimited pointers on my account. All I have to do is just email them the details of a new domain that I might register to be linked with any new or old folder on my PetLvr directory .. and they will set it up for free.

    So with taxes – $435 plus 6% GST = $461.10 CDN … I decided to just pay that for the upcoming year July 16/06 to July 15/07 .. and despite that I still have about 1/2 the space and bandwidth to create in my Reseller account .. I thought it was a reasonable offer and accepted it – paid it .. and now everything is fine and dandy. It’s actually cheaper than my reseller account (unless I pay in advance for 2 years at a time)

    While there is no specified timeline for doing these moves .. this will eventually be done over the upcoming months:

    callHART.com/crazy – already moved to reseller account / yesterday

    1800HART.com/blog – stays
    1800HART.com/picks – stays
    PetLvr.com/blog – stays
    HARTandYVONNE.com/blog – stays

    CorydonClock.com/blog – to be moved to reseller account
    PapillonLvr.com/blog/ – to be moved to reseller account

    The-Singers.com – to be moved from reseller account to Blacksun

    * All other accounts, sites and hosting .. to remain unchanged

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  • How many sites you have? I count 37. -joe

  • There’s 37 blogs in this network sidebar, although some are currently inactive or non-posting (e.g. my curling blogs) … Including HART-Empire.com – 24 of them are mine, the rest are Ruth’s (Our other member) … did you want to join up Joe? Your Trivia blog will fit in well in our Entertainment section 🙂

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  • […] When I renewed my plan with my first host service provider, the deal actually gave me more space and more options and a cheaper price. The reduced plan, however, resulted in me being taken off a dedicated server and I can only suppose .. now on a shared server. That’s okay, with all the new technology in hard drive space .. I think since the upgrade my sites have been working faster! At least, when I make changes and modifications to the template .. there was a delay for a few minutes before the changes took place – now there’s no delay. […]

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