• Introducing .. Our “BATTLING-” Series

    June 11th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    Back in December 2005, Ruth and I were discussing the future of the HART-Empire Network. It was time to grow. Now, there are basically two simple ways for this “Network of Blogs” to grow …

    * Acquire New Members with multiple blogs
    * Introduce New Blogs from existing members

    While these are both planned and viable options, but we kind of agreed that for the moment … introducing new blogs was the way to go. So we decided to join forces on this new venture..

    And the “Battling-” Series Were Born!

    Most were created at the end of January 2006 and have been formed, reformed and reborn a few times since! Not to mention that we were just too busy to properly give attention to these blogs, so we never publicized them. Granted, they have been listed in our Network Code for about 3 months, but we feel that the following sites are now ready to be formally introduced to the world at this time:


    There are a lot of different types of addictions out there .. touching people’s lives .. besides the person with the addiction! I use to smoke over 40 cigarettes a day since I was 13 years old (maybe less in the early years) but I quit “Cold Turkey” November 7, 2001. This blog will try to provide self-help options for people who want to quit or get better. Some addictions affect family and friends and are hurtful and need to be stopped – cold.


    My mother-in-law was diagnosed on January 18, 2006 with cancer, shortly after she decided to take early retirement on December 1, 2005. She developed scoliosis in 2005, and the symptoms of this disease and its cure were masking the symptoms of cancer. She passed away May 26, 2006 (rest in peace). That’s how quick this awful disease can be, and as an outsider, I was battling this disease too .. (in my own way) trying to learn everything I can about the disease, without getting in their way and between the short time they had left together. This blog will identify regular people and celebrities battling and surviving cancer in the news, as well as offer a memorial for those who had not survived. I think it is important to be able to identify with the symptoms, and to remember.


    If you don’t know what the symptoms are, how can you treat depression? It’s more than just being sad about something .. it’s a mental disease and there are varying degrees. This blog hopes to provide articles and news compilations identifying examples of symptoms and treatments available.


    My father is diabetic and had a major stroke on the eve of this millenium. Since then, he has recovered, but also had a series of minor strokes over the years. He’s not in good shape. Heart attacks and strokes are becoming larger and larger statistics in today’s world. There are no miracle cures, but there are ways you can reduce the risk of having one. This blog hopes to keep up to date with articles about just that.


    Ruth’s husband, Chris, has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for a long time. He is pretty well bed bound. Although he can get up into his wheel chair, the pain prevents him from staying there too long. In Ruth’s own words .. No one could really understand what it felt like to get the tiredness, the fatigue that is common to MS. To get so bothered by heat and light that it would bring out MS symptoms. No one could understand what it was like to experience the symptoms of your body deteriorating from the nervouse system inside, to the visual symptoms outside. This blog will try to let others understand what MS is all about, and issues affecting those who are battling this monster.


    Sure .. I quit smoking in 2001, but I was in shape at the time. Since then, I replaced my addiction to smoking and compensated it with food – and nearly put on about 40 lbs weight in a few short months afterwards. It’s been years trying to take off the extra weight, but after a preliminary diagnosis from my doctor about my cholestoral and sugar levels, I need to get back into shape – seriously! Since the end of May 2005 I have been “getting in shape”, and documenting it in this blog. I also hope to have other articles about obesity, weight loss management and even food recipes.


    My younger brother, Brad, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the early 1980’s and has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals since then. One of the problems with people having schizophrenia is that often, the person with the disease does not truly believe they are ill. It’s also another problem that doctors really do not know how to cure schizophrenia, and during the years many different types of medication and treatments have become available to curb or stifle certain symptoms of that disease. In my brother’s case, for most of the time in question, he would go on medication, get better, doesn’t believe he is sick and stops taking his medication, gets sick, and repeat! This blog hopes to put in the limelight examples – directly out of the news … about people who are schizophrenic .. and hopefully make it easier to identify the illness, so treatment can be made.


    Well .. I’m an accountant / consultant and working on my own “SOHO” .. Being self-employed and dealing with deadlines, income tax auditors and assessors, clients, bankers, and staff … is it any wonder that I’m not always stressed? This blog hopes to point out some symptoms and treatments of stress but, hopefully we hope to fill it full of quick easy “stress release” stuff that anybody can do to relieve their stress, and be healthy.


    If you are battling any of the above topics and wish to tell your story for either stress relief, to get it off of your chest, or just to pass along valuable insight and information … you are welcome to join our blog as a full-time contributor. You may also submit your stories for consideration by emailing any articles or stories to .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com // please place the blog URL in the subject line.

    We’ve also created a Forum


    It’s empty now, but all setup ready to go .. As our blogs develops, we would like to also encourage community participation in our forums eventually.

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  • Hart,

    Nice work on the sites and great work on the quitting cigarettes. I actually smoked around 70 Marlboros a day before I decided to quit on July 4th 2001. I picked Independence Day to rid myself of the habit. I used the patch though, so I can’t claim I did it Cold Turkey.

    People just need to realize how easy it is to quit and how much better they’ll feel when they do.

  • Hi Darren .. thanks! And congrats to you. Almost half a decade in a few weeks 😀

    oh, and congrats on the 90-day blogoversary too. // I will be seeing you around the WWW. I’m sure of it!

  • I agree, congratulations on both the site and stopping smoking. I saw a really scary movie the other day. It has made me determined to kick the habit once and for all. It is free and is avainable to all at,
    click on movie button but be warned, it is a bit harsh….

  • Hey I know of a great quit smoking hypnosis at stop-smoking-today.com/ Check it out

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