• Trying to look at my Stats again

    May 21st, 2006HARTStatistics

    I’m almost there .. “there” .. being at the stage where I can concentrate on building up the blogging end of the HART-Empire Network. May is still very busy for me, and I expect to be super busy until June 15th (the deadline for personal tax returns for self-employed individuals) and busy until June 30th, which is the deadline for any Year Ends dated December 31 .. which I have a lot.

    Site wide (just for my share of the blogs on this network) .. it pretty much was a disaster over my “tax time” period, which is March 1st to April 30th … That’s the busiest time of the year for me. As a result, more attention was kept to offline business routines over online business routines. I still managed to spend time online – was mostly for “stress relief” time .. (reading and commenting on other blogs rather than rather researching and/or writing for my own).

    Yes .. I expected my traffic to decrease

    With lowered blog entries, I expected my traffic to decrease. Repetitive blogging entries maintains repetitive blogging readers. For my own blogs, the main one that I was concerned with .. was PetLvr.com – [The Blog] .. because it is the one getting most “search engine” type of visitors .. and “technorati” search types of visitors. Sometime, in Mid-March .. I noticed on the Successful-Blog someone had a problem with technorati, David Sirfry from Technorati was on the ball and solved the problem. Now, people who know me .. KNOWS .. that I am a firm believe that “it never hurts to ask“. Also, I’ve noted that whenever I go to Technorati to look over my accounts, they never seemed to make sense nor was current with the linking, indexed etc. So .. I asked the question .. Please Help!

    This is what “Asking A Question” got me

    Just in case you have your graphics turned off in your browser .. let me read the important parts, as I read it – when I first saw the comment ..

    HART’s blogs have little or no original content and appear to be computer generated … In the meantime, our systems will automatically mark all blogs that are using his adsense ID as spam
    David Stirfry

    Powerful statements, eh? Whatever! I never really cared what people think of me, and if that’s what they think .. I am comfortable in the TRUTH knowing that I am not a spammer nor am I a splogger. Certainly .. all my blogs are created on WordPress on a computer! Actually ..one blog is computer generated .. my Cancer Horoscope one .. A year ago, I signed up for a horoscope to automatically be emailed to that blog. I have been unable to cancel it or divert it .. because you have to be able to send email from the one that is receiving it, which I can’t – because it’s a Blogger.com blog. But you know what? I sleep well at night knowing what I do and what I’m doing .. and have no intention other to point out people’s errors .. and move on .. Life’s too short! I know some would have had TONS of blog entry material for weeks if this happened to them! There are other things I would rather do with my time .. NOTHING (and I would be more productive).

    But – like any business plan – you have to adapt to the changes around you. I know my site traffic will be decreasing .. but, basically since the “Technorati Incident” (as I like to call it) .. my traffic has declined by 40-45% …. I do have adsense ads all over my site and was building up something. I think, the stage at that time was that every 2 months I would exceed the $100.00 payout and receive something. Not much (about 3 hours billable time in two months time), but it was there.

    So … Is Yahoo Buying Technorati? Good!

    Heads up from The Blog Herald Ben Barren regarding a ZdNet post

    I think I have been posting activity on my 1800HART.com/blog/ site .. as I always have! Some amusing stuff, some business related stuff, some stupid observations stuff .. // Last updated 290 days ago.

    Recently .. I have been blogging a lot on the callHART.com/crazy site … // Last updated 71 days ago.

    Even my daily horoscope hasn’t been updated! HART-oscope.blogspot.com // Last updated 17 days ago.

    BUT == > This is the funny part .. the PetLvr blog is always updated now… go figure!

    Why? Is it because of Technorati? I don’t know .. All I do know is that for some reason, there are sites popping up creating the content of my sites, and linking back to me .. so .. I haven’t really cared much the reasons or the effects of them doing so. So far, as far as I can tell .. the only effect from my statistics are (1) it causes my sites to show up in technorati now, when you do a search for my domain .. and (2) I have received absolutely NO traffic from them. I hope they don’t penalize me in the Page Ranking google dance .. Oh well.

    (Sites listed on there .. like the following … THIS .. and THIS .. are these scraper sites? I have no clue!)

    ANYWAY … .

    It’s just been a while posting in here. So I thought I would.

    What should you expect in the near future from HART-Empire.com ?

    Probably not much before Summer (July 1st) .. maybe back to the weekly “sweet-HARTs” postings? … maybe some more promotion of this network, so it might seem when we ask for updates on the BlogNetworkList pages .. (yes I know Matt’s busy and not in too much of a rush) ..

    We are still in the middle of the behind-the-scenes implementation of our Battling-Series of blogs .. plus we will be introducing a few more blogs in the network in early June .. Once they are ALL ready .. there will be a ‘grand opening’ announcement here.

    Take care.

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  • Wow! That’s harsh with the Technorati stuff. Spam blogs? Erm I don’t think so – has Dave never seen a real splog?

    Using the same AdSense ID? Erm, yeah, that’s what most single publishers do because you can’t easily have more than one AdSense account.

    What planet is he on? I hate it when supposed leading services get above themselves.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about TR though, there are way better places to get traffic from. They do little for me (heh, maybe I’m a spam blog too…)

  • Hi Andy ..

    If you want to see some real “splogs” .. add this site to your RSS feed … The Fighting Splog Blog” It’s amazing what some are doing out there .. and what this guy’s finding.. (I wonder how he does that?)

    I’m not worried – for now .. just too busy! But, should be able to re-focus and build in the summer .. and expand too 🙂 I thought it would be ‘neat’ to document the above .. for now.

    See you around the www // ~wave.

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