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  • Hi HART,

    I genuinely didn’t realise that Ruth was (is) still part of your network (shows how well I looked at the sidebar, eh?) I’m glad we’re OK with it all – not a 9ruler eh? 🙂

    I usually do my best to ensure that people aren’t in multiple networks without permission from all concerned.

  • Hey,
    Hart, how is my favourite online networking partner :)…
    To be honest with you, It never entered my mind that I should notify anyone of my great privilege to be able to join this network, on the other hand, I would never get rid of your code :),

  • Andy, I didnt even think that there could be a problem joining more than one network. Is this normal?

    Anyways, It’s great networking, I love it.


  • Andy: I think, though – if it wasn’t for HART-Empire Network .. your email would be lined up with applications from me to join YOUR network 🙂

  • Oh – that reminds me .. I need a “Subscribe to Comments” plug in on this blog

    // DONE! That should work now. You can now subscribe to comments by checking the box below.

  • Ahh, were you lucky enough to avoid the 9rules butt-kicking session? You know, the hypocritical one where they kicked out anyone that had even the remotest affiliation with any other network, but still kept some of their own relationships going.

    Lucky you 🙂

    I think network disputes are now called “doing a 9rules” – well, that’s what I call ’em 🙂

  • haha.. ‘doing a 9rules’ .. just earlier today (or yesterday your time) I was mentioning to Ruth the ‘9rules squibble’ – that’s what I called it.

    Of course, also being hypocritical, erm, for the record .. I did submit PetLvr.com/blog on their last Nov/2005 round .. they are lacking Pet sites over there. I’m used to rejection though.

  • I have a lot of time for 9rules in general, but I do wonder at some of the management / personnel squabbles that have gone on over time – makes it feel much longer than a year!

    They’re doing a round 3, or 4, or whatever, soon aren’t they?

    By the way, I’m always happy to discuss collaborations where they’d be mutually beneficial – not just in terms of cash, but in terms of traffic, contacts, profile, etc. (heh I make myself sound so grand – Alan Sugar I am NOT) so let’s keep the ideas flowing 🙂

    PS Is your blog on west coast US time?

  • D’oh I am probably making an idiot of myself – you are in the US aren’t you? 🙂 Heh been talking to so many UK people recently I kinda thought we ruled the time-waves LOL

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