• A Note For Future Consideration

    January 26th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    This is just a “Heads-Up F.Y.I.” notice ..

    In the last 3 days a few sites have been helping themselves to files on this server and linking directly to a few files I have here on HART-Empire.com and has caused a spike in my bandwidth usage. This is really as a result that I have a whole bunch of pictures, videos and audio on this site, that I have yet to remove or transfer to my other site The-Singers.com or to the TrashBin ..

    The bandwidth restarts it’s usage count at the first of each month, and I have added another 10 GIG bandwidth allowance to this domain, increasing it to 30 GIG now, which I hope should be enough. There’s not much happening here, except of the Network Code being linked to all sites on our network and the occasional post directly on this blog.

    What I was GOING to do, was just replace some of the files that I see has been cross linked by a few evil sites with some very nasty looking pictures and sound bytes .. but, I decided to first contact my server for an alternate suggestion.

    I have just set my Mod_Rewrite rules to prevent all sound and video clips on this domain only to be accessed from a few select domains and URLs as well as from this domain. In addition, there will be a shift in files to another server, off the HART-Empire Network domain.

    I should mention, that I have never performed these Mod Rewrites before, and my server support suggests we will find out in mid-morning when they take effect, if I locked anybody else or affects the working runnings of the affected blogs in question.

    If for some reason that I am mentioning this ‘heads-up’ notice … so, if or when you are accessing any posts throughout this network , and are unable to listen to an audio or see any video .. or get an error message …. IT COULD BE MY FAULT ..

    Please contact me immediately at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. and let me know what happened. I would be greatly appreciative.

    Take care.

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