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    January 4th, 2006HARTHART


    * The Singers of all Times

    Start with a list of female singers of all time … add a list of male singers of all time … plus affiliation with Amazon.com and Amazon.ca .. and what do you get? Well .. according to the “ABOUT” page ….

    Greetings and Salutations ..

    My name is HARTLEY B. SINGER aka “HART”.

    I was going to register my first name as a website, but http://HART.com was taken .. so was http://Hartley.com ..

    >> I did manage to register http://callHART.com and http://1800HART.com though

    I was unable to register the domain for my initials .. http://hbs.com .. as it was taken too

    >> I did manage to register http://HBSMC.com which, is my business website HBS Management Consultants .. I thought that was great to be able to find a free 5-letter domain name, with your initials in it!

    Obviously, I couldn’t register the domain http://singer.com … which has been around for a long time ..Well, D’oh! That really sucked! I think I would have really enjoyed owning that domain!

    >> But I did manage to register The-Singers.com … and you are here now!


    I’m sure all my relatives and people with last names of “Singer” have the same story .. the story of having a wooden sign with burnt etched lettering titled “The Singers” and used for the cottage, or fence or mailbox sometime during their lives. I am no different. We still have that sign and my parents even have a Neon light sign with “The Singers” in italic writing on it.

    If that wasn’t enough, I can remember at least 5 different instances in the past 5 years that is either ongoing, or from a previous host that my immediate family (either my folks or siblings) had an EMAIL address that included “the-singers” as the first part of the email address.

    It only seems fitting that I use The-Singers.com for something to honor ME or, my family!

    About This Blog

    Sure – it may be fitting, but I already have a personal blog with over 1,000 pictures and about 300 MB of video files, that started with our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002 .. at HARTandYVONNE.com ..

    So this is how this The-Singers.com will be proceeding



    >> We’ll start here and see where we go!

    I think this site might be more geared to be a ‘Product’ blog, because with every post I plan to give the reader option of some of the CD albums that are available on either Amazon.com or Amazon.ca which, (surprise surprise) I am affiliated with both of them.

    Enjoy ..
    Take care.


    .. yah .. that’s right .. Another Product Blog! 😀

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