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    January 2nd, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    Greetings ..

    After the BDO Classic Canadian Open, I will be moving the following blogs … Curling Blog Team Gushue and Team Kleibrink .. to a different host provider. I just have not been happy with the speed and uptimes for these blogs.

    I can’t say how frustrating it is for me in the mornings when the server is at it’s slowest times, or when I have problems posting because I can’t connect to my own server. This blog sucks! It takes too long to load!

    I was planning on moving these blogs on January 3, 2006 and have been testing / moving a few smaller blogs for practice. There was a small glitch because of the way the underlying mySql database engine that keeps track of all the blogging information – are speaking two different languages (InnoDB vs MyISAM). The new blogs are now up and running, but they did take longer to restore than I had expected they would. I do not want to run the risk of unforeseen problems happening before the BDO Classic Canadian Open, an event we will be watching closely!

    This is how I will be proceeding the move to differerent servers …

    January 9, 2005 – After posting the final results of the curling event, I will be changing the NameServers of the domain CurlingBlog.com to the new host provider and will stop posting.

    This will take between 1-2 days before it kicks in, as some will be able to see the old site – and some will be able to see the new site. As soon as the name servers are changed, complete backups of the database and wordpress files will be moved. As soon as the new site comes in effect in my location, the site will be down for testing for 1 day to restore the information and test to be sure everything works correctly.

    January 11, 2006 – Hopefully, I will post an entry letting you know that everything has been successfully moved and the Curling Blog is now active on the new and faster servers. If there are any problems during the move, they will be posted on the HART-Empire.com blog.

    I apologize in advance for any downtimes or server problems that will be occuring in the meantime, and hope you stick around!

    This post is simultaneously being posted on all the Curling Blog sites and at HART-Empire Network.

    Take care.


    HART-Empire.com is also residing on the same server network as the Curling Blogs, and will be moved to the new servers upon completion of the move of all three Curling Blogs

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