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    November 25th, 2005HARTHART-Empire Network


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    One of my fondest memories was the times that I curled with my older brother. He was quite a great curler in his youth, and beat many skips that went on to win bigger and better tournaments. When I was finally old enough to play with him, we were just playing at the old Thistle Curling Rink and having fun. There were three of us .. My older brother was Skip and the captain, of course. I took the first three stones and my cousin, who later became my Best Man, to the next 3 rocks. Was I any good? Sometimes I was great! Other times, well .. does “can’t hit the broad side of a barn” expression mean anything? 😀

    So, naturally this blog won’t be about my experiences curling. I hope to just focus on general tournaments and brier events that are happening, and update the site with the statistics (for now). I have just started this blog, so there is lots of room to grow. I think there is a big interest in Curling in Canada and the world, and I hope this blog turns into something great!

    Other notables that I will mention:

    (1) Curling.com will accept other curlers who want to participate in this blog development and write about their team’s activities over their curling season, and

    (2) An Event Calendar has been created to keep track of all of these events.

    (3) The curlingblog.com link has been added to the Network Code under it’s own heading .. “Sports Related”

    (4) The RSS Feed is —> feeds.feedburner.com/CurlingBlog

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