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    October 16th, 2005HARTHART-Empire Network

    Oh No! Not Another Blog Network?

    HART-Empire.com was inspired from a post and comments found HERE at Darren Rowse ProBlogger.net site .. where I mentioned in comment #19 …

    Well, I have a business blog, personal blog, pet related blog, gift blog, picks blog, weight loss blog, and a few other crappy blog experiments that didn’t work. Naturally I try to put links to my other sites on each one to let people know about them.. am I a network? Maybe I should just create my own network name and brand it!

    As of yesterday October 15, 2005 this was just another blog that I created and just another link that I had to place on all of my blogs. You can see that I have posted a few times earlier in this blog about the graphics I have been placing and in the sidebar. All of a sudden – it became quite long to me. I was thinking, that if I were a true blog network, and want to link everything on one page .. well, people would go nuts! It’s too long! Also, what would happen if I were to add more blogs to the list – or better yet – more network members?

    And then it hit me – Why not?

    I was having a discussion with SonjaHelga (a co-contributor of content on my PetLvr.com blog) and discussed what she thought about pooling our resources here and cross-promoting each other’s blogs on each of our own blogs. For some strange reason, she thought that was a great idea 🙂

    So I guess “HART-Empire Network” is open for business! I guess we need some rules and general guidelines.

    1) We are not professional bloggers although, that doesn’t mean this network might contain some professional bloggers and their sites. We hope you are actively pursuing ways to increase traffic to your website with new content, but there are no guidelines to post new content at all. You blog at your own pace .. just like the 99.9991% of the rest of the world.

    2) We are not a corporation nor are we a media organization. When we say “Network”, we mean that all we want to do is ‘network‘ our blogs together in some formal reciprocating and linking manner, that might make it enticing for readers of our blogs to be interested to visiting blogs within our ‘network’. If you want to see a partial list of blogs … try here .. We are not hiring bloggers, nor are we paying for blogging services.

    3) Please refer to the BIO page link above for a complete list of blogs by Network Member / Owner … HART-Empire.com assumes no rights to ownership of anything in the blogs in the network, except that ‘owned’ by HART … All intellectual property rights, ownership, trademarks, copywrite etc remain with the owner.

    4) Sites in this network may be commercial in nature, contain advertising, affiliate marketing and whatever makes us happy .. However, we do not want adult content, sites that promote illegal activites, sites that do not give credit where credit is due and copywrite infringement. Let’s keep this clean because our relatives and children are watching!

    5) All network members and sites must agree to have our ‘HART-Empire Network’ current list always listed on the main page of their sites, normally in the side bar. Click on the above link “CODE” for sample and a link to obtain the script which can be copied and pasted directly in your templates. If you have, more or less, charitable and aid-related blogs, you could just place a link to our page of Network members above instead of the entire code. If there are problems finding a nice place on your blog that ‘fits’ .. we will try to make it work for you.

    6) You must remain a member of this network for at least three family generations, which include all blogs and websites you may own or create in your lifetime, your children’s lifetime and any blogs or sites that maybe created during your children’s children’s lifetime and … // uumm, you know I was just kidding .. right? If all this reciprocal linking is not working for you, all you have to do is let me know and I will remove your sites from the “CODE” and you can remove your sites on your homepage and blog sites. No problem here!

    7) Do you need to have more than one blog or website to participate in this network? No. You can just be a single site owner and perhaps this might be a way to get some more traffic? We don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.

    8) Does your site have to be a blog? Yes – and no. Your site must have two things that we can link on in our “CODE” .. which, is your homepage URL and your RSS Feed .. if you do not have an RSS Feed .. can you get one? Maybe you currently have a feed and don’t know it. But, if you become a member and include our “blog” feed .. on our Network Link Page (click above top button), we will include all of your non-blog related websites if you want. But, you must have at least one active blog.

    9) Hey! We can all chat on Instant Messenger programs and ask each other questions! (time permitting of course). I like to help out and am quite friendly. If I’m in AWAY mode, I will get your message and eventually reply, although usually I am ONLINE and available, for the most part.

    Time will tell if this was a good decision or not – but, for now we are giving it a try!

    Does this interest you? Feel free to use our CONTACT page to obtain more information. Or, if you just want to join automatically, place the code on your own pages .. then email HART the following information … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

    * Name of Website
    * URL of Website
    * RSS Feed URL of Website
    * What category would it be? (See NETWORK page)

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