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    October 15th, 2005HARTHART-Empire Network

    I like this theme.

    I really like the theme at my PetLvr.com blog site, but there are always issues. This time it is my adsense issue completely. The way that the design of the blog is .. there is no contextual ads except public service ads. I find that hard to believe for a Pet Related blog. I have been in contact with Google and they suggest that there just isn’t enough ads out there for pet related sites … OR … the content is so filled with information it is too confusing to tell what the content really is.

    Okay- that second thing made sense a little. There are 3 adsense ads on each page.

    * Left Sidebar
    * Center under the title
    * bottom right-aligned, in the Recent Posts section

    If you have been to my site and seen some blank white spaces – that is the reason and probably where you will see them.

    So – if I take the time to fiddle with this template .. will it fit the needs of PetLvr.com ??

    That is my current thinking… Just in case, I have managed to create a modification of this logo for PetLvr.com … I need a little more work .. maybe some fish, a bunny, or hamster .. (more animals other than dogs and cats and horses)

    Click on the above graphic for its original size … What do you think of this as a new logo?

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