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    July 5th, 2009HARTreorganization

    Greetings and Salutations .. again~

    I’m trying to resurrect this blog. The original purpose was to discuss the inner makings of things that affected me and the HART-Empire Network. The HART-Empire-Network.com blog, which is the HOME of the HART-Empire Network online .. is meant to keep track of the news of my network. I currently have the code setup in widgets in each of my blogs, and – like you see in this sidebar in the section “HART-Empire Network: News” .. I am importing new posts from that blog to every blog simultaneously. I do this, so where there is news .. I can make one post and broadcast it to all my sites at once.

    I’m using the WP-RSSImport Plugin to retrieve posts from HART-Empire-Network.com and broadcast it on all my sites instantly. At the time of writing, I had upgraded to the latest version 4.4 however, there is a current conflict that creates database wordpress errors everytime I post – so, I have downgraded back to version 4.3 or 4.2.1 around my network to avoid the conflict. This conflict had affected me in both wordpress version 2.7.1 and version 2.8. I have decided to NOT figure out which two plugins are creating conflicts for me, and wait for another upgrade in the plugin.

    This is an H3 Chapter Title!

    This is an H4 Chapter Title!

    This is an H5 Chapter Title!

    I just installed this new template the other day and testing. I did manage to remove that awful black formatting in the sidebar – WHEW! It was stylized to be black with white text on all links … I changed that to a slightly lighter yellow color, and switch to green when you hover over the links. Not perfect, but a fix that I approve!


    As time passes by, I am finding that I am not moving to different servers anymore or often, nor have I been publishing the monthly revenue and expenditures of my online activites. As a result, this blog seems to be slowly deteriorating. I plan to stop this from happening.

    Currently …

    * Feedburner Feed Count show that I have 23 subscribers of my RSS
    * Feedburner Email Subscriptions shows that I have 0 subscribers of my RSS via email
    * PR=0 or unranked
    * Alexa rating is 1,214,675

    Implementations …

    * New template
    * DO FOLLOW – on comments
    * CommentLuv – shows your last post in your blog when you do comment

    Still In Progress ..

    Ugh. Tags … Most of my archives do not have tags associated with the post. I also used to have a gabillion categories. I have cleaned up some of the categories, combined them, and added a few tags … but it will never be complete. Ideally, I would like to just go to my archives and DELETE old posts, but I believe they build character to this blog. There are many nonsense “quickie” and “Hmmmm” type of posts, that may seem like nothing but crawl forward to inspiration of major posts in this blog that I believe deserves to remain intact. Now, if I delete all of the “muse” and leave the “meat” .. will they still make sense? I’m not sure – so, I have decided to leave it.

    Stuff I’d Like To See In This Blog

    By far, this is nowhere near to be a complete list, but only a partial list of ideas that I hope to maintain and blog about over time:

    1) HART’s DAILY TASKS – My HART-Empire Network “to do” list. Although, these may not actually take me a day to perform them .. I would classify these tasks as something necessary part of the operation of my network of sites, that take less than 24 hours to do 🙂 such as .. making sure I am backing up every blog up, updating plugins around the network, upgrading to latest wordpress versions, etc. It could also be simple things to do – like, run to Canadian Tire and get some more water for my water machine in my office!

    My goal is to get things done – and maybe teach by example, of what I do that might spark ideas or assist others in getting things done as well

    2) WEEKLY sweet-HART POSTS – It’s catching on .. with all my social media contacts and friends, I help promote a lot of my friends and acquaintances blogs each day, week in and week out. I hope to link out to the special posts that come my way. I’ll try not to interfere with some other “Fetching Friday” or “Feeding Frenzy Saturday” .. and might gear this for either a Monday or Tuesday post – with the cutoff from the last week ending Sunday.

    My goal is to showcase some of the best stuff out there, that I see everyday when I stumble and/or RT on twitter

    3) HOW HART MAKES MONEY – Although I am not actually posting my earnings anymore each month .. it is still publicly accessible, as I have not been deleting any of my archives! Although, I should say that I am not current in updating the 2009 figures and slow in breaking it down by ‘division’. However, I will try to showcase certain monetization techniques that I perform and companies and programs that I use and will promote and give examples of how I am doing with that.

    My goal hopefully is to also get some new affiliate earnings by recommending you to new programs! Although, that may not be my agenda all the time

    4) BLOGGING ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS – I’ve got over 40 active sites, and that used to be over 70 sites. I am familiar with blogs and blogging and have been doing this since May 2005. There are things I do and know that, in general, others do not know how to do. There are ways that I do things that are much simpler or faster than what others do – or pay others to do – and, perhaps by me documenting this .. you will learn a thing or two, or pass along the information to another. That is the nice thing about the internet. Not everything needs to be monetized. I like to help, and as long as you don’t copy the content of my blog word for word or aggregate it automatically in your blog .. FEEL FREE to pass along any of the tips that I provide for your own use. If you give me a ‘hats off’ link that would be great 🙂 If you want to donate money to my paypal account, that would be fine too 😀

    My goal is to build this blog into the operating maintenance blog for my entire network, and show people what it’s like to be running a multitude of blogs and websites, and trying to jump from that “hobby business” stage into a full-time and financial supporting business venture.

    Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you soon.

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