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    July 6th, 2009HARTRecommendation

    HART Recommends SINGLEHOP for Dedicated Servers

    In the summer of 2007 my network of sites began to take a toll on the resources of my hosting plans, and I found the need to do something that would ensure that I was able to expand and grow online. I reorganized all my sites and consolidated 3 different hosting providers to one host. I did an interim report of how I felt with the decision to consolidate, back in November 2007 and I can’t say that my opinion of singlehop has changed since.

    I like their service and support. If you are in the need of a dedicated server, consider SingleHop. By the way – that’s an affiliate link, and I might earn a little commission if you sign up with them. So, if you are seriously looking for a new host provider and dedicated server – feel free to ask me any questions .. maybe I can clear up some of the concerns you may have!

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