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    June 24th, 2016HARTHART-Empire Network, reorganization


    I have been on the internet and with websites since March 1995 and blogging since May 2005. I started small with local hosting platforms, and then expanded each to a point where I consolidated all my sites and blogs to a super dedicated server in May 2007. By 2012 I began to downsize and broke up my dedicated server into 5 separate and smal and cheaper shared hosting accounts … one at BLUEHOST (affiliate link) and four at HOSTGATOR (affiliate link). Both Bluehost and Hostgator (and a bunch of other hosting companies) are all owned by the same “Endurance International Group” and that always irked me.

    My Bluehost server holds about 20-25% of my sites, and expires July 29, 2016 but I decided to move all my sites to Canadian servers when one of the sites had a little traffic this month and Bluehost deactivated my account. It turned out to be an old plugin I had (Spam Karma 2) that I never removed that was causing the problems and my account was reactivated right away – but, with the US Exchange rate rising .. I finally decided to move my sites back to a Canadian Hosted server. My Hostgator sites are not renewed until December 31, 2016 so I plan to just move those over the fall at the convenience of my time.

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