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    November 17th, 2009HARTBlogging

    tynt-page-copyI noticed this today, when I was checking out my whos amung us stats .. and thought I would find out by doing!

    I have now added TYNT codes to my PetLvr and BattlingForHealth sites, and will probably add it to all my sites by the end of the day, because it’s quite easy to do this:

    1) Enter Domain
    2) Copy and paste the code just before the [/body] in the footer

    Note! Don’t forget to activate the free PRO account, while it’s free to test it out!

    What Is TYNT?

    Insight into the “copy and paste” phenomenon.

    Your content is likely copied far more than you realize.

    Depending on the site, up to 6% of page loads results in a user copying content. While this may not sound like much, think of it this way: on a site that has 20 million page views per month, content is copied over one million times during any given month. That’s a lot. How do we know this? Tynt Insight is currently running on hundreds of thousands of web sites and monitors billions of page loads per month.

    Since the average content copy is between 200 and 300 words, even a site with only 100,000 page views would have over 3 million words leave the site via copy each month (not to mention all the images!) That’s also a lot.
    Why do people copy content?

    Tynt Insight anonymously detects when content is copied from your site, and can help determine what they are doing with it. We find that most people copy content innocently because they are your fans. They copy content to either preserve it for themselves or to share it. Half of copied content is still shared by email because it is still the easiest and most familiar way to share content.

    Memo – I copied and pasted the above paragraph from their website and when people do that .. it automatically adds the “read more” URL below this blockquote whenever anybody pastes what they just copied!

    Read more: Tynt Insight » Why Tynt Insight? www1.tynt.com/why-tynt-insight#ixzz0X9pN5fhg

    Don’t Take My Word For It – Watch The Video

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