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  • How do you do it? Hart, I am glad you have a series to. It will be lots of fun reading each week.
    .-= ** Check out Frank J´s last blog .. StumbleUpon is Stumbling Downward =-.

  • Thanks Frank! I stumble and reddit and digg and mixx and tweet and everything! so much each week, I don’t want to just re-list everything. I figure I will only pick (for now) MY FAVORITE TOP 10’s from the past week, plus list as many friends that I know who also do weekly recaps each week.

    (so – if you are reading this and do that – comment and I’ll add you to this page each week!)

  • That’s a jolly good idea Hart, I wish I could do the same or something similar mate. Guess I don’t have the time and patience.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post in this section. I started a weekend humor spot and that’s the one you mentioned up there. Something on the lighter side to make my visitors smile over on the weekend.

    I will look forward to reading your future recaps mate.

    Take care and cheers.

  • Thanks for dropping by Robin .. That weekend humor post got my funny bone 😀

  • Wow thats nice, how do you d that, i would love to learn more ;-). Me too love share & promote the sites of my friends on other social networks they haven’t already.
    .-= ** Check out Kuntal´s last blog .. Don’t Litter on Twitter =-.

  • Great collection Hart, keep them coming.
    .-= ** Check out McLaughlin´s last blog .. Europe Job and Career Resources =-.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the link love, appreciate it. Some nice posts you have listed here, sure to read the others.
    .-= ** Check out George Serradinho´s last blog .. Serious Monday Roundup #1 =-.

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