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    September 30th, 2007HARTAnnouncements

    I am in the process of consolidation of the HART-Empire Network, to coincide with my 2nd year anniversary as a network of blogs and sites around October 17th ..

    Basically, I am relocating separate blogs on separate domains to separate subdomains of a single domain.

    Meet: BattlingForHealth.com

    NEW BLOG: >>> http://BattlingForHealth.com (Battling For Health)
    NEW RSS FEED >>> feeds.feedburner.com/battlingforhealthcom

    For all the sites moved, the RSS Feed remains identical to what it used to be, so if you were reading these blogs in your Bloglines or Google Reader .. nothing should change.

    All the old sites, have 301 Redirects in place, and should maintain its link popularity for the sponsors (who I have been providing gratuitous links each month to thank) and for the search engines (hopefully!)

    (Battling For Health: Addiction)

    Battling For Health: Addiction

    (Battling For Health: Alzheimer)

    Battling For Health: Alzheimer

    (Battling For Health: Cancer)

    Battling For Health: Cancer

    (Battling For Health: Depression)

    Battling For Health: Depression

    (Battling For Health: Diabetes)

    Battling For Health: Diabetes

    (Battling For Health: Heart and Stroke)

    Battling For Health: Heart and Stroke

    (Battling For Health: Multiple Sclerosis)

    Battling For Health: Multiple Sclerosis

    (Battling For Health: Obesity)

    Battling For Health: Obesity

    (Battling For Health: Schizophrenia)

    Battling For Health: Schizophrenia

    (Battling For Health: Stress)

    Battling For Health: Stress

    Coming Soon

    Battling For Health: Arthritis
    Battling For Health: Hearing
    Battling For Health: Vision

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    September 30th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    I am in the process of consolidation of the HART-Empire Network, to coincide with my 2nd year anniversary as a network of blogs and sites around October 17th ..

    Basically, I am relocating separate blogs on separate domains to separate subdomains of a single domain.

    Meet: AndYouWill.com

    I have moved the following sites and these will be their new permanent addresses effective October 1, 2007

    NEW BLOG: >>> http://AndYouWill.com (And You Will)
    NEW RSS FEED >>> feeds.feedburner.com/AndYouWill

    For all the sites moved, the RSS Feed remains identical to what it used to be, so if you were reading these blogs in your Bloglines or Google Reader .. nothing should change.

    All the old sites, have 301 Redirects in place, and should maintain its link popularity for the sponsors (who I have been providing gratuitous links each month to thank) and for the search engines (hopefully!)

    And You Will Garden

    Old URL / Name – AndYouGarden.com (And You Garden)
    New URL / Name – garden.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Garden)
    And You Will Garden

    And You Will Have Kids

    Old URL / Name – AndYouHaveKids.com (And You Have Kids)
    New URL / Name – kids.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Have Kids)
    And You Will Have Kids

    And You Will Marry

    Old URL / Name – AndYouMarry.com (And You Marry)
    New URL / Name – marry.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Marry)
    And You Will Marry

    And You Will Play Poker

    Old URL / Name – AndYouPlayPoker.com (And You Play Poker)
    New URL / Name – poker.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Play Poker)
    And You Will Play Poker

    And You Will Renovate

    Old URL / Name – AndYouRenovate.com (And You Renovate)
    New URL / Name – renovate.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Renovate)
    And You Will Renovate

    And You Will Retire

    Old URL / Name – AndYouRetire.com (And You Retire)
    New URL / Name – retire.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Retire)
    And You Will Retire

    And You Will Travel

    Old URL / Name – AndYouTravel.com (And You Travel)
    New URL / Name – travel.AndYouWill.com (And You Will Travel)
    And You Will Travel

    Coming Soon

    And You Will Help
    And You Will Graduate
    And You Will Laugh
    And You Will Succeed
    And You Will Network
    And You Will Play Hard
    And You Will Live
    And You Will Die

    (okay, I’m not sure about those last two 😀 .. these blogs have not been created yet~

    PS: If you would like to write for any of these blogs .. please contact HART (at) HART-Empire-Network (dot) com

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    September 30th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    In case you haven’t yet upgraded to the new WordPress version 2.3 yet …

    … the familiar blogroll of people have now been officially replaced with:


    * Development Blog
    * Documentation
    * Plugins
    * Suggest Ideas
    * Support Forum
    * Themes
    * WordPress Planet

    And What Do I Think About The Above?

    Maybe someone can explain to me why my readers will want me to link to a URL where I can get plugins for this blog or possibly different themes .. does wordpress really think I would just add any new plugin or change my theme because of a link in my sidebar?

    * The theme links could have ended up on the Presentation screen page
    * The plugin links could have ended up on the Plugin screen page
    * All the rest could have ended up on the Dashboard.

    In my humble opinion of course.maybe I should .. SUGGEST it!

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    September 26th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    It’s one of those things .. I wish I was cloned!

    I have two online projects currently taking a lot of my time. One of them is the attempting to consolidate the blogs on my network into a smaller structure. I have been working on the “Battling-Series” of blogs first.

    What I would like to do is move each of my “Battling” blogs into a subfolder location of an entirely new domain. It’s easy enough to transfer domains to another location on the same server …

    How I was Moving Blogs To Another Domain Subfolder

    1) Backup/FTP Files of old blog to local computer
    2) Backup MySQL database
    3) Options/General/ and change both the WordPress address (URL): and Blog address (URL): to the new URL
    4) Update (and you will get booted out)
    5) Restore/FTP all the files of the old blog to the new location
    6) Login/Options/Permalink and update!

    * Generally – in most cases that works. Here’s the problem.

    When I created the MySQL database for the original blog, if I named the account (as an example) as “stress1” and it was created in my server account “stress” which is where Battling-Stress.com residess .. then the cPanel created a MySQL database know as stress_stress1. MySQL databases are kind of below all of the accounts on a server and available to everybody. I guess that’s why they associate both the account and the name because well .. let’s face it – if everybody had a MySQL database called wordpress there would be lots of conflicts!

    And, if my new location account is called “health” … although I want a new database called “health_stress1” .. the blog will still work adequately using “stress_stress1” database in my health account.

    * But – what if I want to delete “stress” account?

    My initial plan was to keep all the extra domains ‘live’ for at least another year, to the end of September 2008. This way, the new blog should be well on its way to being a stand alone blog. When the year was up, I would just delete the old account, and not renew the domain. Overall, I’d probably be saving about $500 per year just on domain renewals! Someone advised me that even if I don’t use the original domain, I should always renew these domains so I don’t ruin the ‘brand’ of “Battling-Stress” .. which, is pretty good I think (even though I am biased) . and apparently there are bulk renewal opportunities that can even make it cheaper for me to renew everything at once, once a year or for several years in advance.

    But – here’s my biggest worry. In a year from now, I might just say … “Nah, no thanks! And delete the “stress” account from my server like an impulse shopper, and just do it. If I do that, then when I delete the old cPanel account – EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH IT also gets deleted.

    That’s right – even the “stress_stress1” database that this new “health” account would be using. Everything would be deleted and I would be s.o.o.l. (sh*t out of luck)

    * And that’s not all!

    I’m not too talented to do this myself, and having problems getting the 301 redirect to work from a /domain/ to a /domain/subfolder/ .. Every month I have been giving sponsors a permanent link in my blog with my thank-you posts. I want the link popularity to still be good for them! Yet, the best I seem to be doing is re-routing everything back to the root. I have enough money sitting in my paypal to pay someone to do this for me .. but, with a lot of domains and blogs I want to fix, the multiple just isn’t there and I can’t afford it anymore. So – I’ve tried this 3 times already to no avail.

    I have moved 2 Battling Series blogs over .. 1 small and 1 medium size.

    http://Battling-Diabetes.com >> http://BattlingForHealth.com/diabetes/
    http://Battling-Stress.com >> BattlingForHealth.com/stress/

    I might have to try again and delete those subfolders .. and instead try it with subdomains – like..


    What do you think of using subdomains instead of subfolders for blogs? I hate them personally! But, as far as I know – I think that might be the best way to transfer everything over. Plus, I can have addon domains to it where (i think) might solve my risk of deleting the only MySQL database.

    It’s a learning curve when you don’t know what you are doing. Until I’m ready, in the meantime, I am reluctant to keep posting on these old sites until I’ve given up. Otherwise, I’ll have to do another export etc.

    Hopefully I will fix this thing before the weekend.

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    September 25th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies, WooHoo

    I’m Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life

    Having many blogs in my network, I feel completely justified in promoting this event on every domain and blog that I have at my disposal! Please help me pass the word around the internet, and if you can contribute .. please do!

    9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse On September 27, 2007 .. a wonderful thing will happen. Bloggers from all around the world will be “Blogging For A Cause”. I will be participating with my fellow bloggers, and am asking you to help me participate in this event. I will be blogging to .. Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse – over at PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

    I’ve done three posts so far for this event

    1) An Introduction Post

    2) A Clarification Post

    3) How we rescued Zeus the Cat

    To paraphrase from the PetLvr Site …

    You Too Can Participate on September 27, 2007

    I will be posting letters from “PetLvr Readers” around the world that have rescued an animal and made a positive difference in the life of one animal. YOU are the hero! I would like you to email me your story. Every story I receive on and before this Thursday will be published and permanently maintained on the PetLvr website, under a new page called “PetLvr Rescue Stories”. I will also link your website if you have one, and post a picture of your pet if you provide it to me.

    * Did you rescue an animal from the humane society?
    * Did you take a stray dog in and give it a home?
    * Did you know any animal being abused and reported its owners to the authorities?
    * Did you save any animal from natural disasters, such as Katrina or the Peru Earthquake?
    * Do you work for any non-profit agency and helped save the life of an animal?
    * If you are a non-profit agency and would like to be linked to your website 9.27.2007

    Then … PLEASE! Email me your stories to: hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com with the subject: 9.27.2007

    * If you have a blog, you too can join in with thousand’s of other blogs around the world. You can stop the abuse about any topic (elder abuse, children abuse, spousal abuse, environmental abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse in the workplace, etc) .. it’s up to you!
    Just follow the link from clicking the above graphic, and if you are not already a member of BlogCatalog.com .. well, join in and add me (PetLvr) as your friend! and you will be able to see your image in the widget in the sidebar when you come back here on September 27, 2007!

    * If you do NOT have a blog .. feel free to start a *FREE* blog at PetLvr.com/mypet/ made available by PetLvr.com and start blogging! I will link all participating posts from there back over onto the main PetLvr blog … so start blogging!

    cc’ed around the HART-Empire Network!

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    September 1st, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies, Statistics, WooHoo

    * I’m keeping track of my HART-Empire Earnings for 2007 Online ..

    Here is the link: HART-Empire Network Earnings Spreadsheet Document

    It seems that “three times is a charm” and, like June 2007 and July 2007 … August 2007 was another transitional month for me, and the HART-Empire Network. First, I was away on vacation from August 3 to August 20 .. but, I did have my trusty little laptop with me and access to the internet with my EVDO access (it’s a PC card you plug in and like a cell phone number with high speed internet data stream attached). And secondly, as I referred back in my July 2007 earnings post .. I desperately needed to upgrade my new Virtual Private Server into a full-blown Dedicated Server on August 1, 2007.

    The thing with schedule upgrades is that it’s quite frustrating when schedules are not followed. My VPS account didn’t get upgraded until August 9th, 2007 .. and then we had to wait for the name servers to kick in for the move and transfer. When the smoke cleared, it seems that my host inadvertently forgot the BIGGEST site of mine (PetLvr) and the name servers had kicked in! It took until August 11th and into August 12th when everything was finally transferred properly. However, by August 15th it was evident that the standard RAM added to the dedicated server (1 GIG) was not enough and there were still glitches in the running of my network. I upgraded to 2 GIG RAM and everything seem to have been working fine since August 15th (knock on wood). If I had to, I will upgrade to 4GIG RAM and after that .. probably split this network up and shake things up a bit more!

    As for the August 2007 earnings … here they are below. The switchover to the dedicated server and the extra week lost in my PetLvr account definitely shows in the Google Adsense earnings – as, I did NOT hit the $100 payout for the month of August 2007.

    The earnings are on an “Accrual” basis, where I’m documenting what I’ve earned, but monies will usually come in the following month, or (if ever) when I reach the minimum threshold for release of my earnings for payment. The expenditures are on a “Cash” basis, as I pay something related to my online earnings, I just load up the spreadsheet and modify it.

    Summary of Gross Earnings 2007

    * January 2007 – $344.61
    * February 2007 – $372.37
    * March 2007 – $492.41
    * April 2007 – $491.85
    * May 2007 – $620.99
    * June 2007 – $632.47
    * July 2007 – $672.66
    * August 2007 – $701.72

    ** Year-To-Date Gross Earnings (Jan-Aug/2007) – $4,329.08
    * Average (YTD) $17.82 per day or, $541.14 per month


    Despite my difficulties and third monthly slowdown .. it was nice to see an increase in revenues – even though it was slight. But, cash outflows were back to normal. In August, 2007 .. while I was on vacation .. I decided to try some Private Label Rights (PLR) content for some of my sites around the network .. in addition to the free Ezine articles that I use or attempting to hire any writers. There are some pros and some cons associated with using PLR content, and right now from where I sit .. the pros outweighs the cons.

    * By the way .. for those interested in what my dedicated server finally costs me .. it will now cost $263 USD per month .. $179 USD per month hosteing by SingleHop Brand (or midPhase). Because I’m not computer savvy, I opted for the general management package of $69 USD per month to have a “just in case something does happen, don’t look at me” policy .. plus an extra $15 for the extra 1 GIG RAM Memory. Believe me – I am quite aware of the ratio of hosting costs to my earnings are, and (as one person commented to me … ) HART’s out of control!

    Well .. It’s September 2007 now – and everywhere you go … the back-to-school stuff is starting to slow down and I already see Halloween merchandise at the stores. Pretty soon .. it will be XMAS 2007! Are you ready? I hope HART-Empire-Network.com will be ready .. working .. and able. For September .. I am trying to get a new network wide template in place, and actively being with content and blogging on some of my obscure little domains that I have .. and, also signing more sites up to TLA and Linkworth than I have at the moment (less than 25% is setup). I will be reviewing some of the things that I do have that is not working and seeing if I can’t do something interesting for the XMAS season. For instance – it appears that I apparently have $87.00 or so in my Cafepress accounts … which, I forgot I even had!

    Take care
    HART (1-800-HART)

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