• Dear Diary: How’s My Move to ISP#3 Going?

    June 11th, 2007HARTQuickies

    Rather than posting a lot of little news updates or one-liners like some twitheads do, I will just be updating this post for all my news related to the moving of my accounts from my ISP#1 (Mega Account) and ISP#2 (Reseller Account) to the new ISP#3 (Pro-Phase Account). Latest news is on top .. just like it would show up in a blog ~

    * Monday, June 11, 2007

    There is progress and I recognize the intent – but I had a few questions during the day with no responses. Until about 9:30pm Hello, Im sorry for the long delay in response and completions. there were some issues that prevented us from completing a few migrations not just yours but it is resolved and I am currently working on your migration and will notify you when complete. Once again I am so sorry for the delay in response (totally unacceptable) and the delay in completion.

    Backup has now physically started and I think I created a new issue for delay. One of the accounts on ISP#2 that is being transferred .. conflicts with an account name on ISP#1.. ISP#2 (the backup being moved today) needs to be changed and renamed or it might create problems in the future.

    Once all backups are made on ISP#2 I’ll post entries on the blogs once again and then change Nameservers. Once the switch kicks in I’ll have a lot of blogging to do!

    * Sunday, June 10, 2007

    They promised to start Saturday morning because they only do transfers between 1am-6am CST. Saturday morning – nothing. I enquired Saturday morning and received response: “We will be moving your accounts over in the next few days, our migration team will notify you when they are ready to proceed.

    Sunday morning – nothing. I enquired again and received a response: “Hello .. I just saw this ticket. It will not be put on hold again. Before I received a response I posted an entry in the forum to Marc Bollinger who is adminstrator of the midPhase forum, and he seemed quite interested in trying to help and is aware of my situation. Final response from support after MarcB got involved? .. “Hello, I apologize for the delay, your accounts will moved tonight.” // Thanks MarcB (hopefully in advance)

    So. You know the saying .. “Action speaks louder than words” .. I still await another night and will see what progress will have been made tomorrow morning. Honestly .. I don’t expect them to move everything in one night .. there is quite a lot of stuff to be moved. As long as they START moving stuff tonight .. and it takes as long as it needs to take .. I’ll be happi-er.

    We are still working on ISP#2 .. it’s ISP#1 that will be the hardest part of the move, because of all my domain aliases setup.

    * Friday, June 8, 2007

    Well, they didn’t create the account yesterday. I had to phone billing and Support today (after leaving an open ticket with 4 unanswered questions) and at 4pm CST today June 8, 2007 – an account was finally created, and I received a welcome email .. just a few minutes ago.

    M I N D B O G G L I N G

    I’m either the unluckiest guy in the world, or these people give the worst support I have ever received in my life … FORTUNATELY .. I am moving my accounts here not for the PRE-support (or AFTER SALES support) , but for the hosting and reliability and tech support. Out of mind, but not forgotten (in this blog) .. let’s move on!

    According to ‘billing dept’ .. not only is the account active now, tech support has authorization to proceed with the setup (and implied moving from my other host). I’ll give it a few more hours … I’ll feel more at ease when my “domain for life” actually is a registered domain. I could have used one of my many 50 domains, but I chose a new domain for a reason. To check their progress is another reason!

    * Thursday, June 7, 2007

    INSULT TO INJURY. “Oh .. I didn’t know you would need all those resources .. Whoops”

    I have finally managed to deal with a person who seems to know what they are talking about. I got a bum rap and bum recommendation and geesh .. what a bad sales call. This Pro-Phase plan I signed up for – will not work for me. They ‘recommend’ that I just get a dedicated server at $174.95 USD per month. Are they kidding? I’m moving because my ISP wants me to upgrade to that (for half the price in CDN dollars by the way) plus having the additional cost of my Reseller account.

    So – I am now officially on a Virtual Private Server with a Pro-Seller Account options. Basically, instead of a shared resources with other people, I’d be just sharing resources with my own account. And, basically instead of a 10% shared resource limit, there is a 25% shared resources limit. If I exceed any of my limits then it will be either time to expand to a Dedicated server ($2100/year?) or what I will most likely do .. just pull the popular account away into a separate account somewhere else or in its own plan. Currently – this VPS will be costing me PER QUARTER what I thought I would be paying on an annual basis.

    To quote Judge Judy …

    If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, talks like a duck, and acts like a duck .. it’s probably a duck.

    NEW TIMELINE: They are creating the account today. Tomorrow it will be setup, and they will *START* to migrate my accounts over in alphabetical order by name of the domain. It could still take another week before they are finished. Once an account is set up – I will change the name servers and post the introduction on the applicable blog – and, get back to blogging.

    * Wednesday, June 6, 2007 #2

    I think this statement says it all .. I created a “support ticket” to ask what the progress was on my account and this was the response.. it says .. INSULTED.

    Sent 06/06/2007 9:49:12PM

    What domain did you sign up for?
    I cannot find [domain].com in our billing database at all.

    * Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    I’d say “No News Is Good News” .. but, that’s not the case. It seemed evident yesterday that my account was in the wrong hands, and it was transfered to some one that could be better assist me .. in another department . Well, I talked to some one, a new account was created and the account created yesterday was deleted and everything seemed to be progressing (finally). But .. at the end of Day 6 .. I still do not have an account created that I can do anything with it – nowhere to FTP .. no reason to change name servers yet .. nada .. “No News” .. I am thinking that I am to blame now – for my terrible service that I have been receiving – because I wanted to pay via paypal – instead of credit card. Rather than going through their automated system, I was informed that I could prepay in advance, then I just email the billing department with all the details. Obvious – that’s not how it works … MidPhase needs a better option for prepaying services with Paypal.

    Yes. I’m a little disappointed and getting more frustrated each day – but, then I think “end-term” why I am moving away from ISP#1 and ISP#2 to this new ISP#3 and it has nothing to do with the administrative process .. it’s the technical support, speed, bandwidth, reliability and price that lead me on this path. So .. I guess all I can say is … “Sorry everybody .. It’s taking longer than Expected…”

    * Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    I received an email request yesterday afternoon from MidPhase as if they didn’t receive any correspondence on Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get back to my computer until after 5pm when I responded.

    This morning .. a new account has been created at MidPhase and the wheels appear to have been set in motion! As of 1pm CST.. no accounts for domains have been created, nor the master ‘domain-for-life’ either, as far as I can tell.

    * Monday, June 4, 2007

    9:30am CST and still no response from MidPhase. I emailed them, asking “When’s this party getting started?”. It’s 11:00am CST and still no response. I am disappointed. Despite all the domains that I have, I did take them up on their “domain for life” and suggested a new one. It has not yet been registered. I hope SUPPORT is better than BILLING AND SALES department. Anybody else have bad luck or experiences with MidPhase? I think I’ll email them the URL of this post.

    * Saturday, June 2, 2007

    Wow. Still no response. But, the billing department clearly states it is a 9am-5pm operation, regardless of any claims of 24/7 the support is. I guess billing and sales must have to set up my account first, before support takes over? In the meantime, I pre-posted all my sponsor appreciation posts for May 2007. Everything on ISP#2 will post an hour apart for every blog with a message that I will not be posting this week on any ISP#2 blogs. I set them to start around midnight Sunday June 3 and June 4th.

    * Friday, June 1, 2007

    Paypal was down for 4 hours today. I didn’t get my paypal payment to Midphase until after 3pm CST. I received a standard automated response ticket acknowledging the amount – less $200. Not sure what that was all about. With paypal payments, you are supposed to forward them details what makes up the payment and instructions. I did that – to both billing (wondering about this $200) and support (details for the move). I received a response around 4:30pm CST from Support, saying that is not a support issue and forwarding my email to billing dept. I responded back with the support ticket of my payment.

    * Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    I gave notice to my readers on HART-Empire Network. Rather than just create a new account .. I’ve decided to WAIT until June 1st, after I receive some proceeds into my Paypal account, rather than using my credit card – since MidPhase accepts Paypal payments! I’m sick and tired of my own renewals coming mid-month or “just before” the beginning of the month-end. I’m too busy getting jobs out at that time (in real life) and not really in a collection mode of mind.

    * Monday, May 28, 2007

    The decision was made today to give both My ISPs notice that I will be not be renewing. For ISP#2, the Reseller Account .. renewal was today. I just renewed for 1-month only, on a “month-to-month” basis. I think that should be enough. I’ve chosen to move everything to Midphase.com Web Hosting, under the Pro-Phase Plan. I hope that will be sufficient, but I’m aware of the good reviews and experiences by others who use them. This plan has NO BANDWIDTH LIMITS .. because it is “unmetered bandwidth”. And .. what does that mean?

    Unmetered bandwidth is the same as unlimited bandwidth. With a shared hosting account your only limit is 10% of the CPUs processing power. In comparison to your current accounts unmetered bandwidth would relieve the problem of overages that you mentioned

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