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    March 18th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    I’ve began to install the Firestats plugin at the end of February 2007 and occasionally have been looking at the type of statistics that it is providing. In particular, it has been providing:

    * STATUS: Page views, page views in last 24 hours, visits, visits in last 24 hours
    * RECENT REFERRERS: from other sites, from search engines, etc
    * RECENT POPULAR PAGES: top 10 pages in each site plus visitor count on that page
    * BROWSERS: percentages of the different browsers used by my readers
    * OPERATING SYSTEMS: percentages of the different operating systems used by my readers
    * COUNTRIES: percentages and flags of the location of the top 5 countries +plus everybody else
    * HITS TABLE: detailed IP information, timestamp, URL, referrer, and ImageUserAgent

    It’s interesting to see percentages of the Browsers that my readers are using and the different countries they are from.

    The browser percentages are pretty much similar to what they have mostly indicated in other statistics packages that I am using .. that between 68% and 87% throughout my sites, most of the time … my readers are definately using Internet Explorer. I mentioned “most of the time” because 1-800-HART blog seems to be the exception, with 76.5% of my readers using Firefox.

    I recall last year looking at these same two types of statistics .. that the above high percentage of firefox readers were mostly on this blog, the HART-Empire Network blog. I think it’s probably because I have been reading and/or commenting on more ‘tech’ type of blogs, or ‘making money’ type of blogs, and ‘web 2.0’ type of blogs in the times that I have been surfing (especially in March 2007) and curious blog owners or readers are clicking my URL and taking a peak. It is also true that readers using Firefox tend to NOT stick around my sites and are usually gone within 5 seconds after arriving.

    Last year I would randomly switch links between all my blogs, including this one .. but in March I have just been using 1800HART as the URL. If I had been using my comments with the PetLvr URL or email, it seems that I am on akismet’s spam list or something and always end up in moderation, so I’ve just been using the 1800HART url and email as it works.

    Another piece of information that is interesting in the last 18 days of March 2007 is the countries .. particularly on the 1800HART blog. On this blog – which, I would classify it (yes- I know I need to brand myself more on this part) .. as an accounting, bookeeping and income tax blog and for SOHO self-employed individuals working out of their home. As I’ve been quite busy this month, all I have really been posting is news releases from the Canada government about income tax … and the occasional posting of amusing pictures or powerpoints that I have been receiving in my email. In reality – I think I would be more comfortable if my readers were majority Canadian – because, I’ve been posting Canadian related Income Tax information! But .. this is what the statistics have shown me, by Firestats .. in the last 18 days only.

    * 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T

    * PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

    * HART-Empire Network

    I find it amusing that this blog has the most Canadian Readers. I was going to post views of a few of my “Battling-Series” blogs .. but, the traffic is quite low and it’s not representative i.m.o. For instance, on one of the blogs I have been ‘contact spammed’ a lot and the countries are showing on one blog .. that 87% of my small readership are from Russian Federation! Go figure 🙂

    It was on the blogs that I haven’t yet switched to the Mailform/Akismet type of contact form instead of the older wp-contact form plugin. And, based on the statistics – I removed the old contact form and replaced it with the newer contact forms. It should be different next month!

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