• Quickies – January 15, 2007

    January 15th, 2007HARTQuickies

    Catching up on my S.E.O.

    The more I read many of the articles linked on my 62-151.com .. the more I realize that I need to figure this out better in 2007!

    Planning for the Upgrade of WordPress

    It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other .. I think I’m going to wait until version 2.1 comes out. I have come up with some ideas to somewhat help me get all these blogs of mine in the sidebar upgraded to the same level .. I wish I could utililize a mass automated upgrade process … like Aaron Brazell suggests … but I’m not quite ready (knowledgable-wise) to implement something like that. So .. this is how I will be doing my upgrades:

    * I will basically be following this procedure as I’ve upgraded wordpress versions in the past
    * I’ve decided to first deactivate every plugin in all my blogs, delete them all .. and create one complete standardized set of updated plugins that I want, and need .. and that is applicable for all blogs. I will copy them directly into my c:\2.1\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\ folder directly … so when I update the blogs with the new version – all the plugins are ALREADY INCLUDED. In the past, I’ve kept all of my plugins separately in a c:\installed-programs\wordpress\plugins\PLUGIN-v1.1\ etc format available to copy over to other blogs when needed. Now .. If all my blogs are on the same platform .. I’ll just keep the latest plugin with the software. This way, if I create new blogs during the year – it should be a breeze.
    * I will be mass activating all plugins at once to save some time

    Did I say “Quickies – January 15, 2007”?

    Where has the time gone? I’m just getting organized again and found a new ToDo Software program .. It’s just what I needed, although I did experience an error message last week. I forwarded the error message to the software people and they promised a fix by the top of the week (which, is better than suggesting there is nothing wrong).

    Pretty soon my blogging will be shifting from spurts and impulse blogging .. to the more preposted, sectionally shifted and concentrated blogging.

    And .. umm… what does that mean? It probably just defines the way I have been blogging in the past, except a bit more concentrating on specific channels at a time, before finding time to work around the blogs in the network code. My major slowdowns are around the 15th of each month, and the last week of each month – although, I suspect the last half of February, and all of April, and first half of June 2007 will be the worst.

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  • Make sure you test that plugin set before rolling them out on 2.1. Don’t assume they work. A lot has changed and many plugins are still not yet compatible.

  • That’s my plan! Or, at least the plan was that I will be taking a last chance look for any new updates on all the plugins that I will end up to be using – but I must remember the compatibility issue as well with the 2.1 version.. Thanks for pointing that out

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