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    November 17th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    * Have you’ve seen the designs out there that I like?

    I would like to sponsor a wordpress template for the community .. suitable for my own network site and the individual sites .. based on some of the suggestions I made about what I like in a few designs out there as listed in the above category in conjunction with a designers unique vision of design.

    I’m looking for new, cutting edge, valid, clean and unique designs .. that would work sensibly on pet related sites or health and fitness related sites or small business related sites and any type of site that is out there. Something that is user friendly for all situations for the reader.

    I would want to share a link on this new design .. and I will host the download site and demo site on my server. Having a theme starting with HART ..like HART-theme .. would be cool 🙂

    Preferably, for myself .. I would like to see a template that works for both wordpress and wordpress MU installations.

    Also, for myself .. I would be interested in the design and creation of new logos, mastheads, graphic titles etc for my own sites within the HART-Empire Network and for the channels (pet related, opinionated, entertainment, etc – see sidebar)

    Given that .. I am cash poor .. I was wondering if any interested designers would be interested in the following:

    * Fixed text-link ads or banner ads on any site and as many sites of mine in the HART-Empire Network for an agreed monthly price value per blog and for as little or as long as you want – as part of a contra or reduction of price.
    * Balance to be paid monthly out of my online advertising revenues I am receiving every month (text-link-ads/google adsense) – What I earn online into my paypal account 100% will go to pay off the balance.
    * Work performed could start after the first paypal payment but advertising could start immediately

    If this interests you – please FIRST look at the above category URL, that I linked above, for a start to brainstorming ideas and get in touch with me using my contact form button off of the top menu.

    I know it’s tough out there .. and what a good design can be worth .. but I am only interested in getting a new one at this time under the above conditions. However, nothing is written in stone and I am negotiable and will consider alternative options.


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