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    November 9th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Of course, the first two parts of the above may look quite differently in your header.php templates .. using wordpress code such as … bloginfo(‘template_url’) …. or … bloginfo(‘name’) … or .. bloginfo(‘url’). If you view source from the HTML view .. you will just see the actual filenames and URL location.

    Here is the example in this blog. Click on the following and you will go to the HOME page here at HART-Empire Network

    Now .. see how I’m doing it on the Battling-Series of blogs .. each header is the same. Using the CSS I could easily change the font, color, and text at will. Also – when you hover over it .. it doesn’t seem to be a link where you click and go to the home page – but, you do. Try this example and click on the following like you did on the previous graphic.

    HART-Empire Network

    HART-Empire Network

    I think I would go with the first choice – if you have a logo and picture .. but if you don’t – you can play with the second header and have a variety of looks with changing the code. For example, using the same thing but with a few changes … For instance:

    *change font-family from Georgia, Times to .. Bradley Hand ITC
    * change background color #8E7070 to .. #E2F13D
    * change mouseover color from 8E7070 to .. A335E2

    HART-Empire Network

    I mean .. even without knowing CSS .. you can fiddle with it to get something unique ..

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