• Quickies – October 27, 2006

    October 26th, 2006HARTQuickies

    It’s discouraging at times ..

    * PetLvr.com – [The Blog] reached another milestone on Tuesday … it’s 2,000th post!

    I started that blog on May 31, 2005 and on January 26, 2006 we hit our 1,000th post. So, on average it’s taking me about 8 months or so to post about 1000 entries or approximately 4 posts per day since inception.

    When I look at my Feedburner count graphic in the sidebar, at this very moment on October 27, 2006 at approximately 2:00am .. it is showing 38 subscribers .. THIRTY-EIGHT SUBSCRIBERS! Of course, I never really concern myself with the accuracy of this feedcount number – because it varies every day by at least +10 to -10 from the actual.

    The actual count of my subscribers, according to Feedburner .. shows 52 yesterday – and the “Live Feedcount” at the exact same moment is showing:

    11 – Bloglines
    5 – My Yahoo
    4 – Firefox Live Bookmarks
    3 – Feedburner Email Subscribers
    3 – Google Desktop
    3 – not identified
    2 – Other Readers
    49 total Feedburner count

    I feel that after 2000 posts, the site should be doing better in all aspects – traffic, subscriptions, SEO, etc etc … What can I do to improve things? It’s tiresome. I got KILLED last february 2006 (search Technorati in here) .. and I’m really bushwacked around the 20th of each month and the last week of each month for my “DayJob” business ..

    I’ve tried to cut back on the BREED information category and shell out to individual sites .. DogLvr.com CatLvr.com FishLvr.com HorseLvr.com BirdLvr.com … I’m wondering if I should shell out many more categories (health, training, memorial, sitting and other working job categories, etc) .. or would that be a waste of time? There are too many keywords to worry about at PetLvr – so I don’t worry about it. I’m SEO-Challenged because I’m lousy at it. I don’t know what to do. Or, what I’m doing is wrong.

    I do get a lot of search engine traffic though – more than my statistics show – because 80% of the searches link to pictures included in the site and the 20% of searches that get through (in my opinion) is probably 80% of my total traffic in here. Now, where have you seen that “Rule” before?

    The footer of PetLvr blog shows 56, 879 SPAM comments stopped .. although my next available comment is #42048 .. don’t understand that except there was a backtrack number when I upgraded to wordpress version 2+. Regardless – my comments on all these 2000 posts can probably be added up around the 100-200 range.

    Oh Well! Don’t Mind Me!

    Ya .. I know I’m just rambling … I’m just wondering whether I should go to sleep or have some of HART’s Famous Chili and start my day early and work through the night! That 38 number just got me thinking – that’s all.

    Memo: This is what I saw tonight (screenshot)

    Memo: This is what it is at this moment in time (live)

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