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    October 10th, 2006HARTStatistics

    RSS Submit

    I placed the above affiliated link on my other site 62-151 Media Group (in the sidebar) and people can download the trial version for free. If they choose to purchase the registeration code, I earn a commission.

    There are 3 plans currently, according to their website:

    RSS Submit (affiliate link)

    Submit RSS feeds to over 80 directories … Track your FeedBurner & Technorati statistics … Manage your RSS feeds

    * Personal Edition $44.95 USD
    The Personal License allows RSS feed submission for non-commercial purposes including personal blogs, personal projects, and personal web sites. This license includes:

    Unlimited time usage of software.
    All search engines activated.
    Unlimited submission of up to 10 RSS feeds for non-commercial use.
    Feeds may not be used for commercial or re-sale purposes.

    * Professional Edition $64.95 USD
    The Professional License allows RSS feed submission for commercial purposes by businesses and organizations. This license includes:

    Unlimited time usage of software.
    All search engines activated.
    Unlimited submission of up to 30 RSS feeds for commercial use.
    Feeds belonging to other businesses or clients may not be used.

    * SEO Edition $94.95 USD
    The SEO License allows unlimited RSS feed submission for commercial purposes by SEO businesses, corporations, and web masters. This license includes:

    Unlimited time usage of software.
    All search engines activated.
    Unlimited number of RSS feeds may be submitted.
    Submission of RSS feeds used for commercial purposes.
    Submission of feeds belonging to other businesses and clients.

    I’m terrible at SEO .. the concept .. and everything that is about this notion of submitting your RSS feeds. I do have a free-for-all directory listing available to anybody but, hardly anybody is adding their own sites. But, I have been submitting all the links in the directory to Google every few days. I’m not sure if it is working or helping or not helping.

    In all my WordPress options, I do have more than one RSS submission URL site to ping, on every post. In my PetLvr blog, I have 5 of them .. but I think it slows down the posting times, so all the others had just the 2 (feedburner and technorati). Since google blog search now pings .. I have added their code as well.

    But – then a friend signed me up on the Rzye Network .. and I’ve been looking around at posts and networks involved with blogging. Everybody is either promoting the pinging of blogs, or submitting their blogs to “sites” …

    I don’t – simply because it is too time consuming for me to do that. Also, most of the time .. I find that I have to add some text description to each blog’s RSS … sometimes, it remembers my last time, and my blog might have changed!

    So, back to this RSS-Submit program … I came across that page and wanted to try it out. First, I signed up to be an affiliate .. then, after my last month’s Text-Link-Ads paypal receipt .. I used the funds to just buy the SEO version.

    This weekend, I finally installed the program .. took a few screen shots and will just use this post as a future reference to look back and see if it was all worthwhile, and if it made any difference.

    So – here are the pictures!

    A Snapshot of the HART-Empire Network SiteMeter October 8, 2006

    You add your RSS Feed, and if using Feedburner, it gets that info and Technorati stuff too

    So, I’ve added all my 74 RSS Feeds to the bloody program

    It shows you keywords and I’m not sure about this 8217 keyword – I see a lot of that

    Yah. It took 3 hours to submit all 74 RSS feeds to these built in 71 RSS Sites

    I didn’t bother to add other sites manually – yet- maybe someday


    If one is supposed to be submitting their blogs regularly to RSS Submission sites = (are we?) = WELL THEN … this is quite easy to submit, when you just press SUBMIT ALL and sit back and let this program do it for you. I plan to run this submission every few days (after postings) and take a look again at the statistics in a month or so. I don’t think I will be doing anything out of the ordinary to generate more traffic – as work keeps me busy offline .. So, I’ll try to re-blog the outcome in the future.

    If you are familiar with other RSS Submission programs, or are using this program – I would like to hear your comments and thoughts of how you think this program is working for you or has worked for you .. not that I will be asking for any refund .. I truly think that I need ~something like this .. it’s long overdue – but who knows if this is it!


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