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    May 21st, 2006HARTStatistics

    I’m almost there .. “there” .. being at the stage where I can concentrate on building up the blogging end of the HART-Empire Network. May is still very busy for me, and I expect to be super busy until June 15th (the deadline for personal tax returns for self-employed individuals) and busy until June 30th, which is the deadline for any Year Ends dated December 31 .. which I have a lot.

    Site wide (just for my share of the blogs on this network) .. it pretty much was a disaster over my “tax time” period, which is March 1st to April 30th … That’s the busiest time of the year for me. As a result, more attention was kept to offline business routines over online business routines. I still managed to spend time online – was mostly for “stress relief” time .. (reading and commenting on other blogs rather than rather researching and/or writing for my own).

    Yes .. I expected my traffic to decrease

    With lowered blog entries, I expected my traffic to decrease. Repetitive blogging entries maintains repetitive blogging readers. For my own blogs, the main one that I was concerned with .. was PetLvr.com – [The Blog] .. because it is the one getting most “search engine” type of visitors .. and “technorati” search types of visitors. Sometime, in Mid-March .. I noticed on the Successful-Blog someone had a problem with technorati, David Sirfry from Technorati was on the ball and solved the problem. Now, people who know me .. KNOWS .. that I am a firm believe that “it never hurts to ask“. Also, I’ve noted that whenever I go to Technorati to look over my accounts, they never seemed to make sense nor was current with the linking, indexed etc. So .. I asked the question .. Please Help!

    This is what “Asking A Question” got me

    Just in case you have your graphics turned off in your browser .. let me read the important parts, as I read it – when I first saw the comment ..

    HART’s blogs have little or no original content and appear to be computer generated … In the meantime, our systems will automatically mark all blogs that are using his adsense ID as spam
    David Stirfry

    Powerful statements, eh? Whatever! I never really cared what people think of me, and if that’s what they think .. I am comfortable in the TRUTH knowing that I am not a spammer nor am I a splogger. Certainly .. all my blogs are created on WordPress on a computer! Actually ..one blog is computer generated .. my Cancer Horoscope one .. A year ago, I signed up for a horoscope to automatically be emailed to that blog. I have been unable to cancel it or divert it .. because you have to be able to send email from the one that is receiving it, which I can’t – because it’s a Blogger.com blog. But you know what? I sleep well at night knowing what I do and what I’m doing .. and have no intention other to point out people’s errors .. and move on .. Life’s too short! I know some would have had TONS of blog entry material for weeks if this happened to them! There are other things I would rather do with my time .. NOTHING (and I would be more productive).

    But – like any business plan – you have to adapt to the changes around you. I know my site traffic will be decreasing .. but, basically since the “Technorati Incident” (as I like to call it) .. my traffic has declined by 40-45% …. I do have adsense ads all over my site and was building up something. I think, the stage at that time was that every 2 months I would exceed the $100.00 payout and receive something. Not much (about 3 hours billable time in two months time), but it was there.

    So … Is Yahoo Buying Technorati? Good!

    Heads up from The Blog Herald Ben Barren regarding a ZdNet post

    I think I have been posting activity on my 1800HART.com/blog/ site .. as I always have! Some amusing stuff, some business related stuff, some stupid observations stuff .. // Last updated 290 days ago.

    Recently .. I have been blogging a lot on the callHART.com/crazy site … // Last updated 71 days ago.

    Even my daily horoscope hasn’t been updated! HART-oscope.blogspot.com // Last updated 17 days ago.

    BUT == > This is the funny part .. the PetLvr blog is always updated now… go figure!

    Why? Is it because of Technorati? I don’t know .. All I do know is that for some reason, there are sites popping up creating the content of my sites, and linking back to me .. so .. I haven’t really cared much the reasons or the effects of them doing so. So far, as far as I can tell .. the only effect from my statistics are (1) it causes my sites to show up in technorati now, when you do a search for my domain .. and (2) I have received absolutely NO traffic from them. I hope they don’t penalize me in the Page Ranking google dance .. Oh well.

    (Sites listed on there .. like the following … THIS .. and THIS .. are these scraper sites? I have no clue!)

    ANYWAY … .

    It’s just been a while posting in here. So I thought I would.

    What should you expect in the near future from HART-Empire.com ?

    Probably not much before Summer (July 1st) .. maybe back to the weekly “sweet-HARTs” postings? … maybe some more promotion of this network, so it might seem when we ask for updates on the BlogNetworkList pages .. (yes I know Matt’s busy and not in too much of a rush) ..

    We are still in the middle of the behind-the-scenes implementation of our Battling-Series of blogs .. plus we will be introducing a few more blogs in the network in early June .. Once they are ALL ready .. there will be a ‘grand opening’ announcement here.

    Take care.

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    May 4th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    I suppose congratulations are in order to RUTH and her Stuff About My Dogs” blog which was accepted recently into Andy’s Blue Fish Network, out of U.K.

    Just for the record .. “NO” .. we did not know in advance of her decision to join another network .. and “NO” .. we don’t mind that she is joining another network!

    All this Network cares is that the code is displayed in the sidebar 🙂 And RUTH still agrees to that!

    I have been following Andy’s Blue Fish Network for quite a while now, and wish them ever the great success etc etc.

    I also wish Andy’s new Blue Fish Views great success .. apparently, Blue Fish Network members are asked to periodically blog on any topic in there.

    Neato. That’s what I have been trying to do with this HART-Empire Network .. or, at least hoping that is! I’m just looking for members who are willing to co-contribute on my PetLvr.com Blog about pet related topics.


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    May 4th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    call HART crazy .. Renew.

    I recall that I posted in my initial “Welcome to call HART crazy” blog post …

    Upon the creation of this blog, I envisioned that this blog will be filled with random thoughts and observations that may or may not make sense to anybody .. but me.

    For instance: I might be either working and listening to the radio, or watching T.V. and something pops up in my head – instead of saying stuff to myself “Geez, I should blog this” .. I’ll just login to this blog and post the entry.

    It’s nice to have a working template and design that you feel comfortable visiting everyday. However, I am too nice and easy going person. I usually get along with everybody, and nothing really grinds my gear or gets me going or pisses me off. So, because the categories are more or less in the “HART LIKES THIS” and “HART HATES THAT” .. the less things ‘moved’ me, the less posts there tended to be.

    I have many blogs, as you know (see CODE link above) .. but I can’t really rant and rave about anything on the other sites. For instance:

    PetLvr – Rated “G” for everybody
    PapillonLvr – Supposed to be just about Papillons and my own pets
    HARTandYVONNE – A Blog of our Married Life (at least that involves my wife)
    CorydonClock – Father-in-Law’s site and business blog
    Curling Blogs – singular topic minded – curling!
    1-800-HART’ Picks – posting of Affiliations and products

    So – that left me three choices …

    (1) HART-Empire Network – I could rant all I want on this blog, but I would like to keep it more “network” oriented or about blogging, since I consider the HART-Empire Network a “Network of Blogs” (over the other phrase – “Blog Network”)

    (2) 1-800-HART – This was always my first choice to post “HART-Stuff” .. because I comment on people’s blogs as ‘HART (1-800-HART)’, I have lots of amusing stuff in there, and other tidbits of information. But, it is my business blog. I post those items there to show the type of person that I am, that I am capable of, and for other SOHO working at home entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals who just want a break in their day. Yes, there will be the earth shattering tips and suggestions and uniquely interpreted observations of yours truly, but .. there is also mindless garbage that just hopes to entertain people for a few minutes anyway. As an example, my wife prefers to watch the 1-hour long drama and try to guess what’s going to happen, or get fascinated by the CSI or other reality events that just.. // well, I’ll just refrain from my opinion. On the other hand – there is me .. who likes to watch Family Guy, Simpsons, Wrong Coast, Futurama, Everybody Likes Raymond, Two and A Half Men, and other mindless T.V. shows that if you miss an entire section between commercials .. IT DOESN’T MATTER! Why? Because you’ll be watching it again on reruns anyway 🙂 Yup. That’s me. When the next show comes on the T.V. I do not want to remember what I watched in the preceding half hour. All I want to remember is that I was amused and had a good laugh because, as you know .. laughter is the best medicine!

    (3) call HART crazy – There you go. By the process of elimination (and the absense of the notion to create an entirely new domain and blog) .. this is it!

    So .. besides learning what I like or dislike, readers can come and maybe learn WHY I am the kooky way I am .. as I travel to unravel the mysteries of the universe – as HART see it!

    Call this HART’s CEO blog or HART’s Gonzo ‘ blog .. just don’t call HART crazy ..

    oh wait .. yes .. you may .. call HART crazy

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    May 2nd, 2006HARTHART

    HART was bored.

    HART is still crazy.

    call HART crazy .. but

    call HART crazy – The Blog!

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