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    April 23rd, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    In the top right corner of the sidebar, I have added a “Surf the HART way” button. You may recall seeing an identical button on my 1-800-HART blog’s sidebar, where if you click the button – you will randomly be transported to a random category.

    Here .. at HART-Empire Network .. if you click the button – you will be transported to a random site in our network.

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    April 10th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    Good News … Bad News …

    First the Bad News ….

    Three blogs have been permanently removed from our Network and our Network code, that were part of the “crash” experienced by our member SonjaHelga … they will not be recreated or reproduced.

    Now for the Good News …

    Staying safe online today requires a fair amount of security expertise …

    Stop Cyber Terrorism

    Computer and Identity Theft Security

  • scissors
    April 2nd, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    Greetings …

    In the past week .. our member SonjaHelga (Ruth) had experienced a bunch of crashes and deletions on her Blogger blogs and she is in the process of recreating them.

    I am told that in addition to recreating the old sites, she will be transitioning a few of the blogspot domains to her own .com domains over the next little while.

    As such, there will be new “Additions” to our HART-Empire Code in the upcoming weeks, as well as a few minor changes and deletions.

    We will keep you posted!

    Take care.
    HART-Empire Network

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