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    January 26th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    This is just a “Heads-Up F.Y.I.” notice ..

    In the last 3 days a few sites have been helping themselves to files on this server and linking directly to a few files I have here on HART-Empire.com and has caused a spike in my bandwidth usage. This is really as a result that I have a whole bunch of pictures, videos and audio on this site, that I have yet to remove or transfer to my other site The-Singers.com or to the TrashBin ..

    The bandwidth restarts it’s usage count at the first of each month, and I have added another 10 GIG bandwidth allowance to this domain, increasing it to 30 GIG now, which I hope should be enough. There’s not much happening here, except of the Network Code being linked to all sites on our network and the occasional post directly on this blog.

    What I was GOING to do, was just replace some of the files that I see has been cross linked by a few evil sites with some very nasty looking pictures and sound bytes .. but, I decided to first contact my server for an alternate suggestion.

    I have just set my Mod_Rewrite rules to prevent all sound and video clips on this domain only to be accessed from a few select domains and URLs as well as from this domain. In addition, there will be a shift in files to another server, off the HART-Empire Network domain.

    I should mention, that I have never performed these Mod Rewrites before, and my server support suggests we will find out in mid-morning when they take effect, if I locked anybody else or affects the working runnings of the affected blogs in question.

    If for some reason that I am mentioning this ‘heads-up’ notice … so, if or when you are accessing any posts throughout this network , and are unable to listen to an audio or see any video .. or get an error message …. IT COULD BE MY FAULT ..

    Please contact me immediately at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. and let me know what happened. I would be greatly appreciative.

    Take care.

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    January 25th, 2006HARTBlogging

    Here are our picks for the period since we’ve last did this, up to January 22, 2006 – as determined by ourselves …

    HART’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) 1-800-HART

    * I talk a little about how I try to utilize Excel Spreadsheets in my monthly accounts to speed up the process and keep fees down


    (2) PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

    * Holy 1,000th post Batman! On January 20th, we hit this milestone. Since May 31, 2005, that averages about 130 posts per month.


    (3) HART-Empire Network

    * This week I came up with a nicer looking Network Code for our sidebars, and simplified the code for two types of sites – blogger and wordpress. Although, if needed, more code could be created for alternative platforms too. We also have recently revised our “Join-Network” page, linked at the top menu.


    RUTH’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) Happy Pet Stop Online

    * At least 100 dogs nationwide died as a result of eating contaminated pet food from a well-known pet food company.


    (2) Health For Body And Mind

    * Meet the “Natural Eye Care Crew”. Improve vision without surgery.


    (3) Marketing with Audio and Video

    * Sight, sound and action.Get your website in action.


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    January 21st, 2006HARTStatistics

    Today we’ve cut back our 9 different Network Codes into 2 codes … one for our members’ Blogger Sites and one for everything else. Included in these codes are statistic coding from Sitemeter so everybody can see what our traffic is like and find out who is accessing our sites in the network.

    While I was at it, I modified our Network Sites page for new additions, and name modifications. Be sure to check this page and our BIO page for the updated changes.

    So – what does all of this mean?

    1) Uniform HART-Empire Network code on all sites
    * HART likes it anyway .. I suppose that is all that matters, but .. what do you think? We’ve added a new channel, and reorganized a few sites within some of the other channels.

    2) Cool Network Statistics, like … this!
    * Here’s the picture of today’s Unique Visitors (489 today) and Page views (649 today) and graph of the last 30 days. The code was not on every site for the entire time at the beginning of this chart, but for the most part towards the end of the period shown in this chart. I think I would like to display the results of these statistics every month.

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    January 17th, 2006HARTBlogging

    Here are our picks for the period since we’ve last did this, up to January 15, 2006 – as determined by ourselves …

    HART’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) 1-800-HART

    * If you are self-employed or a consultant and want a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your billings, here’s a template I have created and use for myself – for the taking … help yourself and keep a 2006 invoice summary


    (2) PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

    * Dr. Dunn writes about the question of needing annual vaccinations and other vaccine issues that faces pet owners and veterinarians everywhere


    (3) The Singers

    * Currently, as I am building up this new site and adding listening audio songs, I have been recapping them on my ‘Audio Links’ page. When I’m updating my blogs, I like to just right-click and open a new window and start to play the songs while I work.


    RUTH’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) Business and Marketing On The New Internet

    * What’s hot with google? Google’s Video Store Premiers. Their online video store opened for business. Come and read all about it! What does all this mean to you?


    (2) MimFreedom.com – [The Blog]

    * Native Remedies News Bulletin. There are new remedies for you. Come and see how these remedies could help your day to day conditions. The natural way. The Psychologist s Natural Choice.


    (3) For Love Of Your Pets, Online Pet Care Center

    * You have no time to read a magazine, but, you do have time to read snippets online. Animal Wellness Magazine have a NEW digital magazine an exact replica of our print magazine – this new digital version can be downloaded and read on your computer anywhere, you no longer need to stay online to read it cover-to-cover!


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    January 15th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    We moved last Wednesday, January 11, 2006 .. host providers that is!

    I finally moved the Curling Blog, Team Gushue and Team Kleibrink from the old servers to the new servers and there were no problems or glitches. In fact, you might say it went quite smoothly. Although the actual move took about 45 minutes, I started about 15 minutes before “LOST” episode was on TV, so it really took 2 hours and 45 minutes including commercials.


    While I do not specifically call these “instructions” … I have documented the process and issues that affected me on my 1-800-HART blog at the URL below. Hopefully, it might help somebody else in the future, so for now – let’s just call them – HART’s Ramblings.


    Back to Business!

    Starting next week .. HART-Empire Network will get back to posting our weekly “Sweet-HART” posts.

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    January 11th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    In the past week I have moved two blogs from my old host provider #2 to my new host provider #3 … these blogs include:


    Blogs that will be moved in the next two days are ..


    It should be noted, that I have been experiencing quite difficulties with my host provider #2 in as much that the speed and efficiency and downtime kept worsening in the mornings, when most of the readers are looking for information and updates (i.m.o.)

    It was at some point in time that I had decided to obtain a new host provider #3 … But it should also be noted that since that decision, my old host provider #2 has completely fixed their problems and the sites have been working at peak speeds and efficiencies .. I hope the new servers will prove to be just as reliable and fast .. we haved moved away to a new server with more ram, dual xeon 3Ghz processors, and more diskspace. Our new host provider #3 is also a “Reseller” account, where the option to create new accounts and add a multitude of domains and new blogs will available to the HART-Empire Network and myself.

    I have documented my move procedures in an article at 1800HART.com/blog/ that will be up and published once the move is complete …

    If there are any problems on YOUR end, with the access, speed and/or downtime of this site – I hope that you please bring this to my attention at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

    And .. what about host provider #1? That’s the one that is up to about the limit on domain and domain aliases, housing the PetLvr.com domain and personal HARTandYVONNE.com domain and the business 1800HART.com domain and related websites listed on the network, and unlisted. The account comes up for renewal on June 15, 2006. I’ll probably keep it – they have been good to me and everything works great!


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    January 4th, 2006HARTHART


    * The Singers of all Times

    Start with a list of female singers of all time … add a list of male singers of all time … plus affiliation with Amazon.com and Amazon.ca .. and what do you get? Well .. according to the “ABOUT” page ….

    Greetings and Salutations ..

    My name is HARTLEY B. SINGER aka “HART”.

    I was going to register my first name as a website, but http://HART.com was taken .. so was http://Hartley.com ..

    >> I did manage to register http://callHART.com and http://1800HART.com though

    I was unable to register the domain for my initials .. http://hbs.com .. as it was taken too

    >> I did manage to register http://HBSMC.com which, is my business website HBS Management Consultants .. I thought that was great to be able to find a free 5-letter domain name, with your initials in it!

    Obviously, I couldn’t register the domain http://singer.com … which has been around for a long time ..Well, D’oh! That really sucked! I think I would have really enjoyed owning that domain!

    >> But I did manage to register The-Singers.com … and you are here now!


    I’m sure all my relatives and people with last names of “Singer” have the same story .. the story of having a wooden sign with burnt etched lettering titled “The Singers” and used for the cottage, or fence or mailbox sometime during their lives. I am no different. We still have that sign and my parents even have a Neon light sign with “The Singers” in italic writing on it.

    If that wasn’t enough, I can remember at least 5 different instances in the past 5 years that is either ongoing, or from a previous host that my immediate family (either my folks or siblings) had an EMAIL address that included “the-singers” as the first part of the email address.

    It only seems fitting that I use The-Singers.com for something to honor ME or, my family!

    About This Blog

    Sure – it may be fitting, but I already have a personal blog with over 1,000 pictures and about 300 MB of video files, that started with our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002 .. at HARTandYVONNE.com ..

    So this is how this The-Singers.com will be proceeding



    >> We’ll start here and see where we go!

    I think this site might be more geared to be a ‘Product’ blog, because with every post I plan to give the reader option of some of the CD albums that are available on either Amazon.com or Amazon.ca which, (surprise surprise) I am affiliated with both of them.

    Enjoy ..
    Take care.


    .. yah .. that’s right .. Another Product Blog! 😀

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    January 2nd, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    Greetings ..

    After the BDO Classic Canadian Open, I will be moving the following blogs … Curling Blog Team Gushue and Team Kleibrink .. to a different host provider. I just have not been happy with the speed and uptimes for these blogs.

    I can’t say how frustrating it is for me in the mornings when the server is at it’s slowest times, or when I have problems posting because I can’t connect to my own server. This blog sucks! It takes too long to load!

    I was planning on moving these blogs on January 3, 2006 and have been testing / moving a few smaller blogs for practice. There was a small glitch because of the way the underlying mySql database engine that keeps track of all the blogging information – are speaking two different languages (InnoDB vs MyISAM). The new blogs are now up and running, but they did take longer to restore than I had expected they would. I do not want to run the risk of unforeseen problems happening before the BDO Classic Canadian Open, an event we will be watching closely!

    This is how I will be proceeding the move to differerent servers …

    January 9, 2005 – After posting the final results of the curling event, I will be changing the NameServers of the domain CurlingBlog.com to the new host provider and will stop posting.

    This will take between 1-2 days before it kicks in, as some will be able to see the old site – and some will be able to see the new site. As soon as the name servers are changed, complete backups of the database and wordpress files will be moved. As soon as the new site comes in effect in my location, the site will be down for testing for 1 day to restore the information and test to be sure everything works correctly.

    January 11, 2006 – Hopefully, I will post an entry letting you know that everything has been successfully moved and the Curling Blog is now active on the new and faster servers. If there are any problems during the move, they will be posted on the HART-Empire.com blog.

    I apologize in advance for any downtimes or server problems that will be occuring in the meantime, and hope you stick around!

    This post is simultaneously being posted on all the Curling Blog sites and at HART-Empire Network.

    Take care.


    HART-Empire.com is also residing on the same server network as the Curling Blogs, and will be moved to the new servers upon completion of the move of all three Curling Blogs

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